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Education and Social Justice

Where does education take place?

When does education advance social justice?

Who would like to get course credit studying these questions in a global social learning and production network?

Can I add to my “identity capital,” my social, cultural, spiritual, and even GREEn Dollar capital doing
New Work in New Schools advancing some kind of Earth Nation Mind Sharing Community over the next 30 years?

An Olde of the Movements of Our Times interested in conversations along these lines until my 100th birthday party 2045.

Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris accord is irresponsible and immoral

By Fr. Seán McDonagh SSC

Through-out his campaign for the US Presidency, Donald Trump constantly called global warning a hoax which was invented by the Chinese government to weaken US manufacturing. Given the fact that climate change is accepted by almost all scientists and countries and that its negative effects in terms of droughts, severe weather and rising ocean are well-known, the decision of President Trump to leave the Paris accord on climate change which was signed by 197 nations is both irresponsibility and immoral. Trump’s spurious claim that other nations are being given an unfair advantage over the U.S. is totally untrue. In fact the opposite is the case as we will see later.

In the last 20 years, the US has experienced extreme weather associated with climate change. In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city of New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and Alabama. Almost one- and-a half million people were displaced and 1,800 people lost their lives. Apart from the human misery caused by Hurricane Katrina, the clean-up bill came to over a $100 billion.

But climate change is causing severe weather right around world which is leading to drought and famine in many areas. In early 2017, climate change and the El Nino effect in the Pacific Ocean, have caused drought and starvation in many parts of east Africa. Aid agencies such as Concern are well aware of the hunger which climate change in causing in so many communities.

Clack here for the full article as well as more articles
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Sweet Water Solutionary Conversations

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East Coast Great Lakes Heartland Mighty Collaboration Experiments

Director of the Sweet Water Foundation, Emmanuel Pratt, with Harvard Graduate School of Design engaged professor Stephen Ervin, during Pratt’s tenure as a Leob Fellow 2016/17.

Stephen is Assistant Dean for Information Technology , pioneering digital computing in landscape architecture, planning and design. Ervin was especially impressed with Emmanuel’s energy, word play, maker and connecting skills.

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Stephen Ervin of Harvard Graduate School of Design, with black beret and big white beard, at the Think Do House II, next to Master Restorationist Micheal Reynolds.

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Sweet Water Meets Laudato Si Draft Writer, Fr. Sean McDonagh and Visits Aquaponics Experiment at Dublin’s Belvedere College

In August, 2016, a Sweet Water Foundation team had the amazing good forture to participate in an eco/art exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art last Februrary. While there we were were given a tour by the creators of a rooftop garden(including aquaponics) at the Jesuit H.S. Belvedere College; and we also were blessed with Fr. McDonagh’s presence at one of our presentations(with our director Emmanuel Pratt’s arm around him front and center).

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Seed Milwaukee Map — 2017 Programming and Partners

UW Extension SEED Program Year One Report

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Milwaukee Green World Fairs and Bridge Walls In Museums Alive!

Imagine MSOE engineering classes teamed up with MIAD design classes and UWM Urban History, etc. to create a Wall of Bridges, with, say 20 Projects Working Well, displayed via digital portals that share but also create the cells of collaborating distributed networks. Why not? Here is the image that inspired the vision of the Green World Bridge Walls.

Toward A Digitally Enhanced Art and Science Museum Exhibition: Milwaukee’s IBM Smart City and UN Global Compact City Visioning Retrospective

Here is my opening list of Milwaukee green world designers, makers, and growers worthy of inclusion in the Bridge Wall “totems” in Green World Fairs, in our museums eager to partner with green world creation experiments. I am sorry to have omitted some people and projects most appropriately celebrated. Please help me right the wrong with your additions to

Here is a place to share images that inspired the vision of the Green World Bridge Walls.

Here are some of the Milwaukee teams that played a part in winning the UN Global Compact City and the IBM Smart City honor.

  • Cooperative Institute for Urban Agriculture and Nutrition(in anticipation)
  • MMSD
  • Milwaukee ECO(in anticipation)
  • Colectivo
  • Outpost Natural Foods
  • Rishi Tea
  • Kubala Washatko
  • Urban Ecology Center
  • MSOE Honors Engineering Program(in anticipation)
  • MPS STEM Projects(in anticipation)
  • MIAD
  • Milwaukee Public House Coop(in anticipation)
  • ReciproCity(in anticipation)
  • UW Cooperative Extension SEED Initiative
  • Zilber Foundation
  • MATC
  • MU
  • Alverno
  • ReFlo(in anticipation)
  • Growing Power
  • Walnut Way
  • Alice’s Garden
  • Nuwaukee(in anticipation)
  • MUG
  • VGI(in anticipation)
  • Groundworks(in anticipation)
  • Martha’s Mighty Fine Foods(in anticipation)
  • Purple Cow Organics(in anticipation)
  • Sheoherd Express
  • Top 10 Chefs
  • Top 10 CSAs
  • Terry McCormick Gallery(in anticipation)
  • Riverwest Currents
  • Riverworks(in anticipation)
  • Lakefront Brewery
  • Embedded Reporter
  • UWM Lake Effect
  • Cream City Farms(in anticipation)
  • Sweet Water Foundation
  • UN Global Compact Cities(in anticipation)
  • Midwest Renewable Energy Ass.
  • Mitchell Park Conservatory
  • Journey House
  • Water Council
  • School of Fresh Water Sciences(in anticipation)
  • Home Gr/OWN(in anticipation)
  • Port Fish(in anticipation)
  • Wormfarm Institute
  • Wellspring
  • Zoological Society Congo Bonobo Biodiversity Program
  • Riverwest Food Coop
  • Amaranth Bakery and Urban Sanctuary
  • Muneer’s Peace Post Project(in anticipation)
  • Grandmothers Without Borders(in anticipation)
  • Riverwest Currents
  • 16th St. Community Health Center
  • Core el Centro
  • Soldiers Home(in anticipation)
  • Center for Veterans Issues(in anticipation)
  • Milwaukee Preservation Alliance
  • Milwaukee Artists Resource Network

Driving 325 Dreams
Image By Zephyris at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Proposed DNA For Backsteeet Harvards New Schools

Loeb Network disrupts HGSD with Backstreet Harvard

Got to have front street schools as well.
And both make fine things.

Can we democratize Super(New) Schools?

Can we sculpt and perform backstreet Harvard New Schools

Why not?

Metis Coming Out Of The Closet

Metis, the glory of Greek mythology
Ready to be re-born…

Coming Out of the Closet

Squat in a clammy closet,
Stacking eggshells upon eggshells,

Humming versus of the Ave Maria,
So the bald old man prowling the halls

In tennis shoes and a black robe

Knows I’m doing my duty.

Exultant in an open field,

Sky blue, bursting billowing clouds,
Brilliant sun, throwing a thick stick
For my prize puppy.

Farther and farther I throw it,
Faster and faster she takes it,
We are both heated and sweating.

My Mother calls.

“What are you doing outside?
Why are you not stacking?

How will you win your prize
So indulged?”

Back to the closet,
But only for a time.
A new day was brewing.
I heard a different song.

The escape was not easy.
“You wished it stranger”
You left the path on your own,
“You are lost if you believe in danger.”

Forty years later,
Not in closets, nor even lush fields.

But in ineffably resonant worlds
Of sweet ones, where utopian visions
Are pursued amidst gales of laughter.


First Big Snow
Milwaukee the Mecca
Of the Sweet Water Seas

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Merlin Donald-JamesCScott-FrSeanMcDonagh

Merlin’s matrix brick alive and growing.
And too Scott’s and Father Sean’s.

Professors Donald and Scott, and Fr. Sean McDonagh, are right up there with Grace Lee Boggs, Charlene Spretnak, Mary Jane Jacobs, Steven Ervin, Jeannie Gang, and my favorite ever Mother Son deep theory practice collaboration of Victoria and Emmanuel Pratt. I intend to introduce each of these thought leaders to my “cognitive community” of origin, i.e. Baptized Roman Catholics and Jesuit School alums.

Wisconsin Idea And Health Insurance Premium Reduction

The SEED Initiative has developed 8 community gardens/ outdoor classrooms/ popup agora markets in 8 different neighborhoods mostly considered to be “food deserts” in Milwaukee County. These 8 Seed Gardens are resourced within the 100 year plus famed University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension, birthed in Wisconsin Progressive’s “Wisconsin Idea,” bringing a staff of 35, a yearly budget of $2,500,000, land, building, and equipment resources over $10,000,000 valuation, 535 Milwaukee Waukesha County Master Gardeners providing 32,152 volunteer hours of community education, youth mentoring, and Extension support, 100 acres of rich soil in prime city locations, 1,000 gardeners, and a central, foundational, critical role in Milwaukee’s world renowned urban agriculture movement, emerging as a vital 21st century industry transitioning Milwaukee from an industrial to a leading ecoLogical city.

The SEED Garden Initiative 2016 pilot year merited the status of a MANDI Awards finalist for the Journey House/ SEED Community Garden for the Brewers Foundation Public Space Award.

Seed Garden Express Yourself Equinox Drum Bus Parties & Markets for Sherman Park Transcendance
I would like to imagine your building as an incubator for training Life Coaches and creators of STE+A+M Homes and Gardens.

Sites for growing our souls, the beloved Community, and neighborhood level commerce.

Sites for growing food wise, exercise wise, street, commerce, and garden wise citizens.

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Wisconsin Idea In 1911 Milwaukee City Plan

1911 “Milwaukee City Planning” Document

  • 10,000 acres food production

  • agriculture school

  • urban homesteading

[From a Carriere manuscript]

Googling “1911 Milwaukee Planning Document” will take you to digital link.

Infrastructure not just brick and morter.

There’s a metabolic rift to fix.

Got to heal the people, heal the planet.

Bring urban and rural into natural and cultural balance.

Student intern apprentices flow within Detroit Chicago Milwaukee Wisconsin

Design middle ways and bridges to public private partnerships for people planet and profit

Milwaukee is a city with a hybrid economic history, ie The Progressives The Sewer Socalists And Entrepreneurial Capitalists

The Wisconsin Idea In A City Planning Document

Charles Whitnall’s Vision Embodied In Milwaukee County School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy

It was all a part of Charles Whitnall’s vision for how planning should develop in Milwaukee. His thoughts on this informed the creation of the Milwaukee County School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy, which opened in 1912….

Milwaukee Chicago Detroit Conversations: New Work for STEA+M Homes In Beloved Communities

Yes! embrace, as Boggs solutionaries have advanced…

  • new work

  • community production

  • grow our souls

  • create caring, beloved, healthy communities as increasingly autonomous zones


Social Capital
Cultural Capital
Natural Capital
Soul or Spiritual Capital

Green dollar capital as necessary and appropriate

The vector sum of these 5 capital I have been thinking of



New work creating Flow!

Outside, increasingly, the job economy.]

Out Forward Our Agenda

STEA+M Homes and Hamlets In Rainbow Commons

To science, technology, engineering, and math add

Alliance Design

Course Credit and Doctoral Dissertations Transforming Foreclosed Homes and “Blighted” Nbds Into STEA+M Homes of Beloved Communities

Marry blue collar skill building with art, design, and agriculture projects in our high schools, community colleges, and universities. Course credit for transforming foreclosed homes and empty lots into micro farms, workshops, and homes/gardens as art. 21st Century Milwaukee Chicago as city of homes as STEA+M skill incubators, adding art, agriculture, artisanship, architecture, and alliance building to STEM hands on pedagogy.


Emmanuel Pratt and I have shared to 10,000 youngs and olds our debt to the Boggs Center, source of our syntax and grammer. We are astonished by how far ahead of history’s curve are our brothers and sisters of Detroit in theory its dialectical and chaordic weaving in with practice.

A series of simple email exchanges that aim to sum up our discoveries and provide a preliminary sense of what is to be tried my vote for next step.

Hoping Emmanuel will share “Designing for People, Planet, and Profit” with us. And Jia Loc Pratt “The New Normal.”

Hallelujah grateful,


An Appeal To All Baptized Catholics and Friends of Nature To Support The Jesuit Pope

I hope anyone baptized Catholic or friends of baptized Catholics will reache out to their high school classmates and inspire them to discover and harvest the Spirit Force that is embodied in the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si, which marries ecological with social justice. Here is one of my appeals to my fellow alums.

Dear All,

The fact that we are baptized Catholics with Jesuit educations and on line connectivity makes us a potential resource for many good causes congruent with our foundational values.

Baptized Jesuit Trained Catholics

An ecumenical group of many “persuasions,”
but inescapably possessed with a foundational identity, I would say, an indelible mark, as a

Baptized Jesuit Trained Catholic

There are several million baptized Jesuit trained Catholics in the world…an inspiring, potential spirit force for the greater glory of God, healing the people and the planet, as we become increasingly digitally and actually connected.

A cause I hope a few of the SLUH Class of 63 will consider supporting is to enlist the support of Jesuit trained Americans in D.C. leadership positions, to assist the ecumenical Synodal Process to share the inclusive theology of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si encyclical.

Here is the essence of this vision, shared by Fr. Sean McDonagh:

Entire appeal here:


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DeStigmatizing Mental Health Challenges At Year Round Garden Places

With mindful mental health professionals

With artists capable of Rainbow Contemporary Iconic supports(this one good for Catholic EAs of a certain kind)

At SEED Gardens growing Health.

Why not?


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Native Wellness Garden Renaissance Moment

One Of 8 Seed Gardens!

Dennis Lukaszewski, Unsung Hero of Milwaukee Renaissance

Dennis Lukaszewski and Ryan Schone are unsung heroes of Milwaukee’s renaissance via our inspiring food and beverage industry, organizing Seed Garden access to 1,000 growers in 50 acres of rich county soil.

Images from Native Wellness Garden at 3675 S. 6th St include inspired visitor Anne J Koller, now living in Oakland, and garden workers who worked hours in yesterday’s rain with Ryan and Dennis.

Other SEED Initiative sights include Kohl Farm, 8300 W. County Line Road; Timmerman Seed Garden, 93rd and Appleton; Sherman Park, 4175 W. Burleigh; Moody Park, 2320 W. Burleigh; Clarke Square, 2125 W. Scott St.; Cupertino Park, E. Ontario and S. Shore Dr.(Jason Haas and Marina Dimitrijevic key to these and entire SEED County funded project); and Forest Hill, 2000 E. Forest Hill Ave.).

Seed Gardens have offered free horticulture and nutrition classes, harvest celebrations with music and feasting, and will be adding new feature, God willing, every year.

Dennis and Ryan have been greatly supported in the Seed Garden project by Director Eloisa Gomez. It is my honor and delight to begin sharing this story at the MilwaukeeRenaissance wiki magazine over the years.

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Dear Tim and Mikal,

With drum beats as background…Story sharing and growing…

Food garden playgrounds as art

Tim A Food Garden Mon w Ties to Mayor

Mikal An Artist Mon w Ties to Art Community and Ivy Networks

Fermentation Fest Flow—drum bus party expressed(Jahmes)

With Sara Daleiden of GMC Placemaking and Neuwirth Salinas of Wormfarm Institute

Offering each of you a bus ride Oct 9, 8 am to 8 pm, a lunch, a Fermentation Fest Tour, and a $20 stipend to brainstorm marriage of Agriculture and Art, in city country Flow! experiments.

You would be among 8 other story sharers
To be named as they commit.

Muneer Bahauddeen
Adam Carr
Ryan Schone
Francis Graf
Cleo Pruitt
Mark and Linda Keane

Are most probably among the

10 Story Circles
Of the Fermentation Fest DTour Flow!

Bus, lunch, tour, and $200 bricolage resourced Oct 9, 2016

A Milwaukee Chicago Reedsburg Cirque de Soleil Imaginal

You would be among the original charter story performers

Deserving as much!


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Become Empowered To Register Voters In Milwaukee!

It’s easy, and will make a difference, becoming a Special Registration Deputy(SRD) for the presidential election. SRD training by City of Milwaukee Election Commission staff will occur Tuesday, September 13, 2016, 6pm, at our NAACP office! We are in the BMO Bank building, 2745 North MLK Drive. Here’s a note on this from Cleo Pruitt.

Dear Members and Friends,

Our Milwaukee Branch is participating in a National NAACP led civic engagement campaign focused on connecting non registered voters to their fully voting citizen selves. You are needed to help us reach our goal to register up to 1800 new voters by taking part in our GOTV efforts now through an October 19 special registration deadline and later assisting voters to the polls November 8.

Even though your engagement is needed for several important tasks, none proved as vital in ’08 and ‘12 to increasing branch registration outcomes, as having Special Registration Deputies (SRDs) enlist people where they grocery shop, have their hair cut, in their neighborhoods and through the places that they worship.
Yes, we encourage you to devote some of your time to help out. If you want to have a high impact join us for the training that affords an ability to register others on the spot!

Fortunately, we are hosting a SRD training conducted by City of Milwaukee Election Commission staff Tuesday, September 13, 2016, 6pm, at our NAACP office! We are in the BMO Bank building, 2745 North MLK Drive, Milwaukee. Join us and become reacquainted with grass roots civic engagement that could help to make a difference in someone’s voting for life! We will serve light refreshments!

Let us know that you are coming! Please reach Cleo Pruitt at or at 414.759.8084.

Sharing Fine Meal With Olympian Mensch

Spending an evening with Ryan Schone and Christopher Cox is one of the reasons the spirit of the Forest Gump awakens in me, shifting the place of my thought from my mind to my heart. In the way that I pray, I pray I am blessed with 29 more years as witness to and supporter of their respective hero quests, which make Joseph Campbell and Grace Lee Boggs howl with delight. They may be key reasons for Pope Francis’ visit to the Holy City of the Sweet Water Seas, celebrating the Milwaukee Chicago Nobel Prize for the beloved communities most highly expressing the manifesto of the 21st century, Pope Francis’ Laudato Si.

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Laudato Si Half Earth Sweet Water Fair Land Commons

That is why the actress Alison Sudol, an I.U.C.N. good-will ambassador, opened the plenary by observing that our planet is now “under attack” — by us.

“Our vast oceans, full of mysteries and wonders, are thick with plastic and mercury,” she noted. “Rain forests — abundant sources of oxygen and medicine; land of ancient lore and tradition; home to thousands of species of wildlife, many as yet unknown to us — are being plowed down before we have a chance to properly discover what it is we are losing.

“These are lungs of the earth, the oceans and the forests, and we are destroying them. Deeply, desperately, we are hoping someone will do something before it is too late. That someone we are hoping for is you.”

So do we have a plan? Wilson has one — a big, audacious plan. It’s the title of his latest book, “Half-Earth,” a call to action to commit half of the planet’s surface — land and oceans — to protected zones.

Right now, the I.U.C.N. says, close to 15 percent of the earth’s land and 10 percent of its territorial waters are covered by national parks and protected areas. If we protect half the global surface, Wilson argues, the fraction of species protected will be about 85 percent, which would keep life on earth, including the human species, in a safe zone.

Naïve, you say? Not so. Naïve is thinking we humans will survive without the healthy natural systems that got us here. Naïveté is the new realism — or else we, the human species, will become just another bad biological experiment.

Thomas Friedman, NYT, 9/7/16

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Food Garden Playgrounds

As place of the art of life and fun!

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Sweet Water Foundation Meets With Pope’s Eco Advisor and Laudato Si Writer, Father Sean McDonagh

Emmanuel Pratt and his South Side Chicago Sweet Water Collective made a deep mark at the Irish Museum of Modern Art Grizedale Arts A Fair Land Exhibition. He also inspired Father Sean McDonagh, who Naomi Klein celebrated as the Irish missionary priest who wrote the basic draft of the Encyclical, “Laudato Si” with a vision of advancing a Black Baptist Eco Catholic 10 year conversation.

“Francis is not the first Pope to express deep environmental concern—John Paul II and Benedict XVI did as well. But those Popes didn’t tend to call the earth our “sister, mother” or assert that chipmunks and trout are our siblings.” Naomi Klein

Nice Irish radio show featuring Pratt

And text summary

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Sweet Water Foundation at Irish Museum of Modern Art and Grizedale Arts ‘A Fair Land” Exhibition

James Godsil and Emmanuel Pratt with Andrew Douglas of the Urban Farm Project.

Emmanuel Pratt and James Godsil in phone and email conversation with Fr. Sean McDonagh

SWF Director Emmanuel Pratt in phone conversation from Irish Museum of Modern Art with eco theologian Fr. Sean McDonagh, Pope Francis’ environmental advisor and key draft writer of Laudato Si. Planning live meeting at A Fair Land Exhibition this Saturday!

This “Catholic Reporter” interview with Fr McDonagh inspires visions of a catholic “black” baptist conversation about marriage of ecological and social justice.

Kilmainham Gaol,where leaders of Irish Easter Uprising, key to Irish Independence movement, were executed.

Sarah Glennie, direct of the Irish Museum of Modern Art(IMMA), with Emmanuel Pratt, director of the Sweet Water Foundation.

Sweet Water Foundation South Side Chicago team with IMMA and Grizedale Arts artists in pottery workshop: Tamiko Winn, Derek Ware, Micheal Reynolds, Denise Patrick, Niamh Riordan, Francesca Ulivi, Janice Haugh, Emmanuel Pratt, and Adam Sutherland.

Emmanuel Pratt with Tanad Williams.

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Global Ignatian Community Laudato Si Conversations 2016

Dear Father McDonagh,

I am as delighted to be writing you as you were after your first hour with Father Thomas Berry! In the way that I pray, I pray for the blessing of your awareness of the work of Great Lakes Heartland “Ignatians” committed to sharing the new theology of Laudato Si. When I read your review in the Catholic Reporter calling for a 3 year ecumenical synodal process “aimed at taking the new teaching, ‘a new spirituality’ that Francis offers in Laudato Si’ and finding ways to put it into practice of the faith”— my heart leapt! Joining in this process would be a most appropriate “Ignatian Response to the Ferguson Tragedy” I and a number of my classmates from St. Louis U. High, class of ‘63 have committed to.

I hope you might be able to join in for a spell with a team of young and old South Side Chicago “apprentice ecopreneurs” who will be participating in an Irish Museum of Modern Art and Grizedale Arts project next week called ‘A Fair Land’ …in essence the plan is to build a model village - starting with a glut garden built on the straw bale system with 300 gourd plants…plan to develop the food processing, industry, economy, education and housing - in roughly that order at this site. Adam Sutherland, Director, Grizedale Arts is our contact person.

Click here for the full article
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Roofer Jim On Donald Trump

I remember the Republicans giving a national platform to Joe the Plumber back in 2008. I hope to provide a platform for white working class men to diminish the appeal of Trump now and forever.

Milwaukee Now Must Share Its Nobel Prize

Milwaukee needs Chicago
Its more brawny sister city to the South,
If ever to win its Nobel Prize.

As this is written, a world leading
Deconstructionist is meeting with
A world leading artist florist ecopreneur
Beneath the Learning Tree,
At the Perry Farm.

They are designing with Pratt
A process to deconstruct a storied barn
And reconstruct it at park and farm,
As part of a culinary institite…
Bout 10 minutes from the future site of
The Obama Presidential Library,
Michelle Obama South Side Renaissance Wing.

‘You can’t make this s… up.”

The film of this and other Milwaukee Chicago
Northside Southside renaissance projects,
With Sweet Water’s and Mycelia Network’s
Visionary Go Do Mon, Emmanuel Pratt
Harvesting his Harvard Loeb Fellowship Network…

This film will, God willing, serve as a proof point
That the vision of a Milwaukee Chicago
Nobel winning collaboration experiment…

Is a pragmatic utopian one,
Quite possibly to be eclipsed
By the wonders forthcoming.

Metis G

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3 + 2 = 5 At 325

Aquaponics Mind Jazz

Aquaponic’s Vector Sums: Calculating Over The Years

The outputs of Aquaponics Systems(APS) inputs

Fish and plants are NOT at this moment the key output of our proposed Aquaponics Vector Sums(AVS).

Knowledge, skill development, “integral thinking,” social intelligence, emotional intelligence,
a kind of spiritual and “ecoLogical” refinement and “beloved community building” are the most important “things” that grow here. And don’t forget STEAM aptitudes!

And I think we have settled in on the notion of a protracted, multi-generational,
multi-disciplinary, and multi-national experimental process with many dimensions,
many unknowns, many skills and many technologies to develop and explore, with

A focus on schools and innovation centers

In hybrid networks of “free professionals.”

I seek 10 fundamental talking points for this thought experiment I am housing at
Aquaponics Vector Sums.

50th Anniversary of SCLC Chicago Open Housing Marches Coming Up

August 5, 2016, will be the 50th anniversary of the stoning of Dr. Martin Luther King, in Marquette Park, Chicago, about a 20 minute drive from where the Sweet Water Foundation’s regenerative placemaking experiment at the Perry Ave District is taking place. Below is an image of myself directly behind Dr. King at the moment of the assault, there so close as a “field marshall” and temporary bodyguard not long after my 21st birthday. I was also a teacher in a SCLC Freedom School in a storefront on Roosevelt Ave. that summer.

James Godsil As Momentary Body Guard For Dr. King

Here is where picture came from

And here I am 50 years later at the commemoration march. Jesse Jackson is in the background of this picture, to the right of my image. When he asked the people at the assembled gathering who was there in 1966, only about 5 people stood up.

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Sweet Water Community Guild Host Mandela Foundation Future African Leaders at 325 E. Euclid Heart Haus And More

Best “Texts” Of Sweet Water Foundation Scaling Up Aquaponics/Urban Ag As Community Development Resource On Chicago’s South Side

Co-Founders Sweet Water Foundation Emmanuel Pratt and James Godsil

Nesbitt Note

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Sweet Water Foundation Workshop at Pratt’s and team’s School of the Art Institute show

James Godsil, Jesse Blom, Ben Koller, and Emmanuel Pratt at Sweet Water Foundation Workshop at Pratt’s and team’s School of the Art Institute show, “Outside Design” Aquaponocs Workshop.

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Sweet Water Foundation At Heart Haus May Day Celebration: Todd Leach, Emmanuel Pratt, Jesse Blom, and James Godsil

Derek Ware, James Godsil, Amanda Williams, and Emmanuel Pratt at Sweet Water Foundation Hyde Park Art Center.
Godsil and Pratt co-founded the Sweet Water Foundation, with Josh Fraundorf and Howard Hinterthuer providing foundational support.

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The Joseph and Mary Godsil Guild House

In honor of my Father, Jeseph, a tool and die maker, and my Mother, Mary, a wife, rooming house keeper, and child care provider. Neither Mary nor Joe went to high school, but both were what I and Gramsci would call “organic intellectuals.” My father often said back in the 1950s what our most enlightened public minded intellectuals and leaders are saying todsay, “We must not assume everyone is meant for white collar professions requiring college degrees. There is great dignity in “manual work” pursued as a sacred craft. That is what the I hope this vision of a “Guild House” advances.

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Conversations Of Blacks and Irish, ie Blirish, Baptists and Catholics, For Laudato Si Projects

There is a chance we can team up with Father Sean McDonagh in a 3 year “Laudato synodal process” in Catholic parishes across the world​​. This note is about Father McDonagh and the process he will be helping advance, followed by an invitation to him and the Columban Missionary order to meet with Emmanuel Pratt and some South Side Chicago teams headed to Dublin, Ireland this August, hopefully to meet with the good Father.​

​B​elow are excerpts from an interview with the key drafter of Laudato Si, Fr. Sean McDonagh, a Columban missionary recently awarded the Annual Justice Award of the Partnership for Global Justice.

Catholic Reporter. You were involved in the development of this encyclical. What was that process like? Were you focused on a specific aspect of the text?

Well, I was asked by Cardinal Peter Turkson in November 2013 to write a document for the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, and I wrote it up, like 30,000 words … now eventually, in 2014, that kind of morphed into the beginning of the encyclical itself. So that whole section, basically, on what’s happening in our world, those were issues I developed.

I hope you can read the interview and/or my exerpts and let me know if you are up for advancing vision of partnering across nation’s Ignatian community to support the 3 year synodal process to harvest Laudato Si for the good cause.

Central to that, the Irish priest said, is a three-year synodal process aimed at taking the new teaching, “a new spirituality” that Francis offers in Laudato Si’ and finding ways to put it into practice of the faith.

“It’s new for a lot of us. Most of the people who go to seminaries and into theology didn’t actually deal with any of these issues, so there’s a difficulty,” McDonagh said, pointing in particular to Francis’ quoting of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in his frequent discussion of sins against creation, be it human-caused climate change or the loss of biodiversity due to pollution and deforestation.

Read entire post here.

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®Evolutionary Collaboration Experimental Fields: Cuba Detroit Chicago Milwaukee UN Global Water Centric Network


*Urban Agriculture

*Skilled Trades

*Buddha Mind In The Space of Art

*Digital and Robotics Technologies

*Beloved Community Through Good Food, Beauty, Integral Urban Homes, and Faith!

*Global Water Centric Network Co-Creations

Why not?

My distillation of brilliance of conversations about Mother Grace and Mother Nature, with Emmanuel Pratt, Jesse Blom, Ben Koller, and Rick Feldman. With link to Grace Lee’s film on Grace.

May Day Muneer Peace Post Installation ceremony / Heart Haus Two Year Anniversary

Sunday May 1st, 2016 at 1P will mark the Two Year Anniversary of the Heart Haus, our Collaborative Urban Homesteading Project. Over the past 730 days the HH has interacted with thousands of visitors from every part of the City & World, taught hundreds of Students & Teachers and hosted International Guests from multiple countries through our Urban Farm, Makerspace, Aquaponics Living Laboratory & Airbnb “Haustel”.

May 1st is also International Workers Day, a time to remember the lives lost in the Chicago/Bayview worker strikes. To commemorate both of these significant events, a Peace Post was co-created by Elder Artist Muneer Bahauddeen and a diverse set of Milwaukeeans who attended our One Year Anniversary Block Party last summer.

The Peace Post Installation Ceremony was envisioned by Ben Koller & James Godsil to be not only an opportunity to share a moment of Peace on a day of remembrance, but also to create a connection node between Milwaukee’s Northside 15th District (Ben’s childhood neighborhood and location of Muneer’s studio) and the Southside 14th district of Bayview.

​Our hope is that you all would help us celebrate this important moment by attending our event to commemorate such a simple yet creative way of bring people together for Peace within our City, Communities and Individual Lives.

May 1st will be a day for us all to In-Joy the Peace of the Present, release the growing pains of the past and set intentions for our Future Endeavors. The Haus will be open for tours after the ceremony as we showcase our latest improvements while you enjoy soup cooked over our firepit.

Please feel free to contact me for further details. We are very excited to share this great opportunity with our amazing city. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Much Gratitude!

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Democracy Crumbles Before Our Eyes: Vote!

Tues. 7/25/17: The Shameful History Behind the School Vouchers Movement

Wed. 7/12/17: Please bring justice to Wisconsin children:

Sun. 7/9/17: Tell Trump’s voter suppression commission — we won’t be intimidated!

Thurs. 7/6/17: We started Democracy Crumbles January 2011 when WI gov exposed his coup:

Thurs. 6/29/17: Very Dangerous Times: The Media Is Under Attack by an Authoritarian White House

Tues. 6/29/17: Hate wins again: Greg Palast: Jim Crow Scam Threatens to Tip Georgia’s Ossoff-Handel Race

Click here for more
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Tues. 7/25/17: “If we do not act, American fascists, clutching Christian crosses, waving American flags and orchestrating mass recitations of the pledge of allegiance, united behind the ludicrous figure of Donald Trump, will ride this rage to power.”

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Highlights from 2016 so far: The Good News and Pivotal Facts

Sun. 7/23/17: On Fighting Inequality, Which Nations Do More Than Pay Lip Service?

Sun. 7/9/17: On being human:

Mon. 7/3/17: Bernie Sanders on Resisting Trump, Why the Democratic Party Is an Absolute Failure and More

Sun. 7/2/17: History Has Already Prepared Us For Resistance, If Only We’d Listen

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State Transportation Budget Action Alert

We still don’t have a Wisconsin state transportation budget!


1. Calls: Now more than ever it’s time to contact your elected officials. Find your Assembly Representative and Senator here. Script: Hi, my name is ____ and I’m a constituent from [hometown]. I’m calling because I want to encourage the Representative/Senator to focus on meeting important local needs in the transportation budget. Please cut spending on highway mega-projects and invest in local needs like repairing existing roads and funding public transit that connects people to jobs and the places they want to go. I also want to make sure that public transit stays in the segregated transportation fund. Thank you!

2. Photo Petitions: Take a photo with a message of why you support public transit. We’ll post it on social media as part of a state-wide campaign to keep transit in the public eye. Send us ( your photo, and then email it also to your elected officials… or tag them on Twitter and Facebook! Contact the WISDOM office for details.

3. Write a letter-to-the-editor with your thoughts. Elected officials read them!

4. Join WISDOM’s Transit Task Force. Contact Dawn at

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Businesses Recognize Employees Want Access to Public Transportation ‌

By Mantill Williams

Voices for Public Transit Community Coordinator

Our latest blog, “Public Transit Matters to Local Businesses,” tells a compelling story about why businesses are choosing to locate in communities with strong public transportation systems.


As you’ll read in our blog, company leaders across many industries recognize public transit is important to attract employees and grow. And that means public transportation benefits more than just the people who ride it.

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Materials on CCS for youth from Mental Health Task Force

Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee Update

Thank you to Mary Jo Meyer and Brian McBride of WRAP Milwaukee for their informative presentation at Tuesday’s Mental Health Task Force meeting about the rollout of Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) to Milwaukee youth. This is a tremendous opportunity that has the potential to benefit thousands of Milwaukee youth with mental health or substance abuse treatment needs.

The materials shared at Tuesday’s meeting are attached for your reference and we encourage everyone to help with increasing awareness in our community about CCS, and providing guided referrals. Please share the materials with your network and help spread the word about CCS.

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New MTM How-to Sheet from Covering Wisconsin - Using Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

Mental Health Task Force / Make It Work Milwaukee Update

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a covered Medicaid benefit for Wisconsinites enrolled in Medicaid. We often see that Medicaid participants may not understand what is covered by NEMT and what their rights are. See below for a link to a new “How-to Sheet” which explains how to use Medical Transportation Management (MTM) to get to appointments. This is especially important as the GO Pass is no longer available to some community members, and is no longer free. Please share this new resource widely.

Click here for the MTM Sheet

This new how-to sheet explains in plain language how to use Medical Transportation Management (MTM) to help consumers get to medical appointments.

  • Gas money reimbursement
  • Bus tickets sent in the mail
  • Rides to appointments
  • Rides for urgent care

This service is for consumers who are enrolled in a program that uses the ForwardHealth card.
Our how-to sheets are provided freely for use as needed. Consumer testing has been conducted.

If you or your agency would like to add your logo or distribute these materials more widely, or as part of a standard routine, please contact Allison Espeseth at

Click here to view Covering Wisconsins full series of How-to Sheets

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Mental Health Effects of Racial Trauma

Mental Health Task Force Update

We want to share the powerpoint on the Mental Health Effects of Racial Trauma, presented by Terri Elzey as “Something to Think About” at today’s Mental Health Task Force meeting. Thank you to Terri, Dr. McManus, Martina Gollin-Graves, and Brenda Wesley for their leadership in advancing “Something to Think About” and we encourage you to share these resources far and wide.

Stay tuned for information on our forum Building Bridges Towards Authentic Inclusion scheduled for Tuesday September 12th at IndependenceFirst.

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Updates on health care reform

Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee Update

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will keep the Senate in session the first two weeks of August to finish work on health care reform and other items, This is a good reminder that it is still timely to contact your US Senators to share your views on the Senate health care bill.

Here is some recent coverage:

Click here for more information
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Register for the FREE screening of Care, a documentary about the caregiver workforce crisis

This FREE screening of Care, a documentary, addresses the beauty and social importance of home-based care. It also reveals a broken system, where workers make poverty wages and families struggle to pay for the care they need. The film sounds the alarm about a rapidly aging population and an impending crisis of care. Q&A session following the film.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 6:00 p.m. (Doors open at 5:30 p.m.) UW Parkside Cinema in the Student Center, 930 Wood Road, Kenosha, WI
Parking fees are waived

Call 262–605–6646 by 4 p.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, July 12 for reservations.

Sponsored by the Kenosha County ADRC and Long Term Care Workforce Alliance.

Please share with other concerned and interested people.

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National Call-In Date to Save Medicaid – Wednesday July 12th

A National Call-in Day to save Medicaid is planned for WEDNESDAY. Despite national news coverage saying a Senate vote on health care changes has stalled, behind the scenes, Senators are working to negotiate passage. The date is uncertain, but Senators are under huge pressure to take a vote before the August recess. The more than $740 billion in cuts to Medicaid are still on the table. Call both Senator Ron Johnson and Senator Tammy Baldwin with your stories. Tweet/Facebook pics and stories. Share with your network and have them make calls.

Here Is How You Can Take Action:

1. Call your legislators and tell them: No Cuts! No Caps! No Carve Outs!

Senator Ron Johnson

Phone: (920) 230–7250
Twitter: @SenRonJohnson

Senator Tammy Baldwin

Phone: (608) 264–5338
Twitter: @SenatorBaldwin

2. Take to Social Media and tell your Medicaid story using video and pictures with #SaveWIMedicaid

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Notice of DVR Public Meeting on updated DVR Policy Manual

Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee Update

DVR Public Meetings Notice
Monday, July 31, 2017: 3:30 - 5:00 PM

On Monday July 31, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) will hold public meetings regarding a recent update to the Policy Manual for Vocational Rehabilitation Services. The purpose of the public meeting is to provide the public, including individuals with disabilities, an opportunity to comment on the policies and procedures governing the provision of services through DWD’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).

Click here for more information
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Registration is Open - Salute to Service 5K

Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee Update

Join Dryhootch, Milwaukee Fire Department, and Milwaukee Police Department for the 2nd Annual Salute to Service 5K, on Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Find out more!
Click here to sign up!

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July 11th meeting - Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force

Please join us for the July 11th meeting of the Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force. The meeting will include new information about the rollout of Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) to Milwaukee youth – this is a great opportunity to connect more children and teens to services and supports. Please join us to learn more!

Meeting Details: Tuesday July 11, 3 – 5 PM: IndependenceFirst, 540 S. 1st st.

Our agenda will include the following:

Click here for more information
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Tell your state do not hand Trump the personal information of every voter.

Already, twenty states have refused to comply with Trump and Kobach’s voter suppression commission. Tell the remaining holdouts to protect the privacy of the voting booth! Trump’s handpicked voter suppression henchman, Kris Kobach, has demanded the voting rolls from every Secretary of State or Chief Election Official in the nation as a part of his role as co-chair of the sham Pence-Kobach Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity. This commission has been designed to attack our freedom to vote and this request is a clear pretext to nationalize Kobach’s Interstate Voter Crosscheck program which has been repeatedly used in voter purges targeting Black voters. Elections officials from forty-five states have already refused to legitimize this commission by declining to comply with Kobach’s order. Demand the Elections officials from the remaining 5 states have not commented at all on Trump’s fraudulent attempt to attack our freedom to vote — Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner, Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Shan S. Tsutsui, Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale, and New Jersey’s Lieutenant Governor Kim Guagdano. We demand that every Secretary of State or Chief Election Official refuse to comply with Kobach’s illegitimate and unlawful order demanding the personal information of every voter in America!

Every Secretary of State or Chief Election Official must pledge to protect our private information from Trump’s commission.

Click here for more information
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8th Annual Children Come First Conference - Registration is Open

November 13 & 14, 2017: Glacier Canyon Lodge Wisconsin Dells

The Children Come First Conference is for those caring for, working with, or interested in the well-being of children and youth with social, emotional or behavioral challenges.

Theme: “HOPE!”
25 Workshops - 8 Advanced Seminars - complete descriptions available soon on the CCF website, A Youth Track will also be offered

Registration Is Open!
Register from the Children Come First website?, or from this link: - all the details!

$165 until Sept. 18th; $190 after Sept. 18th; $120 student rate for full time students at an accredited college or university Youth (ages 12–26) $85
See Keynote Flyer on the conference website.
Jessie Benash - Darrin L. Harris - Tamra Oman

Sponsorship & Exhibitor Opportunities available - contact Alison at 262–617–6775 or

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DSA Milwaukee Presents ART+EDUCATION

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Landscapes Gallery Artist Reception

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NAMI Monthly ED

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Coverage of Health Care legislation/ reminder to share your perspective

Mental Health Task Force /Make It Work Milwaukee Update

Updates on Senate Health Bill and Related Coverage

Action Opportunity:

  • The Congressional Budget Office score on the latest version of the Senate health care bill estimates 35% cuts to Medicaid by the end of a decade…that means ALL populations using Medicaid will experience cuts.

  • The Senate Finance Committee Office (202–224–4515) is keeping count of Americans requesting public hearings on Senate health care bill. 8:30am - 6:30pm weekdays. They just ask your first name and your ZIP code.

  • If the mailbox is full, try back later. OR SEND EMAILS & HARD COPY LETTERS since ‘mail box is full’ often occurs on phone

Click here for more information
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US Pres. Cozies Up to Dictators: Resist Authoritarian Rule with WISDOM

This is a big week for WISDOM and our EXPO members!

  • 20 Wisconsin EXPO members are currently in the Gamaliel National Weeklong Training
  • Tomorrow is the kick-off of EXPO’s #CloseMSDF Campaign
  • EXPO’s first Banquet is on Friday
  • Several EXPO leaders gave presentations in a variety of venues

You can follow the excitement through the following links. Also featured here are EXPO leaders in educational presentations. EXPO proves the WISDOM principle that those who are closest to a problem are best able to solve a problem!

#CloseMSDF Launch Event Facebook Page
EXPO (Ex Prisoners Organizing) Panel Discussion on MSDF

EXPO of Wisconsin Banquet Website

Kathleen Dunn Show
Once Prisoners, Now Justice Reform Advocates

MSDF Promo Video
MSDF Cruel and Unusual PROMO

Thanks for your support!

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TOMORROW! - Die-in and Eulogy to save Healthcare

Today it was revealed that the Senate will not vote on its repeal bill of the the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, until AFTER the July 4th recess! This is great news in the short-term, because it means they currently don’t have the votes to pass it. However, as you might expect, the fight to protect healthcare in Wisconsin and across the United States is far from over.

What can we do in the meantime? Well, to start with, you can join us TOMORROW, JUNE 28TH at 6PM for our DIE-IN and EULOGY action outside of Senator Ron Johnson’s Milwaukee Office. At the event, we will discuss the latest updates on the ACA repeal and plan our next moves to see that they never get the votes they need in the Senate to pass this mean-spirited legislation which trades the lives of millions of our most vulnerable citizens for tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals. Here are the details:

WHO: Citizen Action/Acción Ciudadana Organizers and Members, Reverend Rasheed El, concerned citizens
WHAT: Die-in and Eulogy to save Healthcare
WHEN: Thursday, June 28th at 6:00pm
WHERE: Senator Ron Johnson’s Milwaukee Office - 517 E Wisconsin Ave in Milwaukee (Event held outside)
Click Here to RSVP!

While we celebrate this small victory, we must use every moment we have between now and the resumption of Senate business on July 10th to make sure they never get the 50 votes they need to pass their ACA repeal, which would lead to 22 million people losing healthcare (430,000 in Wisconsin alone!) and over 1 million jobs lost. People’s lives are in the balance - we must act now!

Luz Sosa and Anthony Herring
Click here to join our Healthcare for All Co-op!

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Today is Day #3 in the Final Countdown to Stop the AHCA and its Cuts to Medicaid.

The U.S. Senate is set to take a vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) before July 4. The AHCA contains a devastating 25% cut to Medicaid, and the Senate wants to make these cuts even bigger. Cuts to Medicaid mean cuts to 20 Wisconsin programs like Family Care, IRIS, the Children’s waiver, BadgerCare, mental health programs, Katie Beckett, autism services, personal care, and important therapies like speech, OT and PT.

Time is running out to stop these harmful cuts!

Our countdown continues today with fact #3. Call Senator Johnson and tell him you are concerned about the AHCA because:

Cuts to Medicaid will hurt Wisconsin’s economy and lead to job loss. Medicaid brings about $5 billion to Wisconsin which supports hospitals, providers, and jobs through 20 Medicaid-funded programs. There are 75,000 Medicaid providers in Wisconsin – many of them small businesses. Cuts to Medicaid will result in cuts to provider rates and make provider shortages worse!

Call Senator Johnson’s three offices:

  • DC office: 202–224–5323
  • Oshkosh office: 920–230–7250
  • Milwaukee office: 414–276–7282

WATCH BPDD Board Member Delores Demonstrate How To Make A Call Over at the BPDD Facebook Page:

If you would like more information about this fact, you can use these resources:


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Is your community priority included? 6/29 public input opportunity on BHD budget

Mental Health Task Force / Make It Work Milwaukee Update

See below for an update from the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board on the 2018 BHD budget, and an opportunity to share your feedback on the budget and your budget priorities this week on June 29th. Please take this opportunity to share your priorities with the Mental Health Board. Hope to see you on the 29th!

Read the budget request Read the press release

People can contribute feedback in any of these ways:

  • ONLINE: Complete the online feedback form before June 23, 2017.

  • IN PERSON: Speak out at the June 29 board meeting during the public comment session. All comments will be limited to three minutes.

  • AMENDMENT: Ask a Mental Health Board Member to sponsor an amendment. An amendment can be submitted between June 8 and June 23, 2017. You can contact a board member and provide them with a brief description of your idea. The board member may then choose to sponsor a formal amendment to submit to the finance committee. Only Mental Health Board members may submit an amendment. All amendments will be discussed and voted on at the Finance Committee meeting on June 29.

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Today is Day #5 in the Final Countdown to Stop the AHCA and its Cuts to Medicaid.

The U.S. Senate is set to take a vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) before July 4. The AHCA contains a devastating 25% cut to Medicaid and eliminates key health care protections for children and adults with disabilities. Cuts to Medicaid mean cuts to 20 Wisconsin programs like Family Care, IRIS, the Children’s waiver, BadgerCare, mental health programs, Katie Beckett, autism services, personal care, and important therapies like speech, OT and PT.

Time is running out to stop these harmful cuts!

Call Senator Ron Johnson every day for the next 5 business days and tell him the fact of the day about why the AHCA is bad for adults and children with disabilities and older adults.

Our countdown continues today with fact #5. Call Senator Johnson and tell him you are concerned about the AHCA because:

It was drafted behind closed doors and there have been no public hearings on the bill. Senator Johnson is right, this bill is moving too fast and the public should have the chance to weigh in. Medicaid cuts and caps will hurt people with disabilities and older adults and need to be removed from the bill.

Call Senator Johnson’s three offices:

  • DC office: 202–224–5323
  • Oshkosh office: 920–230–7250
  • Milwaukee office: 414–276–7282

WATCH BPDD Board Member Delores Demonstrate How To Make A Call Over at the BPDD Facebook Page:

If you would like more information about this fact, you can use these resources:

The Hill: Senator Johnson: I ‘can’t imagine’ voting yes on health bill in a week.

Wisconsin State Journal Editorial: Slow down and get health care bill right. “The public deserves details and plenty of time for input, too.”

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DSA-MKE Statement on Sylville Smith verdict

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Final Countdown to Stop the AHCA: Day #6 Devastating cuts to Medicaid mean cuts to Wisconsin programs that children and adults with disabilities need.

The U.S. Senate is set to take a vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) before July 4. The AHCA contains a devastating 25% cut to Medicaid and eliminates key health care protections for children and adults with disabilities. Cuts to Medicaid mean cuts to 20 Wisconsin programs like Family Care, IRIS, the Children’s waiver, BadgerCare, mental health programs, Katie Beckett, autism services, personal care, and important therapies like speech, OT and PT.

Time is running out to stop these harmful cuts!

Call Senator Ron Johnson every day for the next 6 business days and tell him a new fact about why the AHCA is bad for adults and children with disabilities and older adults.

Our countdown continues today with fact #6. Call Senator Johnson and tell him you are concerned about the AHCA because:

Devastating cuts to Medicaid will mean cuts to Wisconsin programs that children and adults with disabilities need.

Call Senator Johnson’s three offices:

  • DC office: 202–224–5323
  • Oshkosh office: 920–230–7250
  • Milwaukee office: 414–276–7282

Click here for more information and resources
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By William Rivers Pitt, Columnist and Editor: truthout

Very slowly, very quietly, the Trump administration has been barricading itself behind ever-growing walls of secrecy and deceit. Trump himself has not given a real press conference since February, the State Department has dramatically slashed its press availability, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer spent eight straight days refusing to let reporters record his press statements via audio or video. When administration strategist Steve Bannon was pressed on why this was happening, he replied, “Sean got fatter.” No other explanations were forthcoming.

Axiom: You only hide when you have something to hide. Maybe it’s the Russia investigations, maybe it’s this nefariously nebulous GOP health care bill being brewed in the Senate, or maybe it’s an administration-wide realization that Trump cannot be turned loose without defenestrating the nation’s reputation and standing. Whatever the reason, these people are in full duck-and-cover mode, and this level of secrecy is battery acid to any functioning democracy. It must not be allowed to stand.

Russia is only an accent in the symphony of bedlam this administration has unleashed. Health care, taxes, the budget, climate change, police violence, mass incarceration, Syria, Yemen, North Korea … our house is on fire, and the people charged with dousing the flames are hiding under the hoses.

They will not hide from us; we won’t let them. We will run these stories to ground no matter where they take us. But we need your help to make it happen.

PeaceOfMind urges you to:

Demand in writing and phone calls that your legislators Come out of the closet with healthcare intentions, revelations about ties to Russia, voter suppression — everything they seem to push that obstructs American Democracy, you, me, all of us who don’t have a bank account capable of withstanding one or more catastrophic events.

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Senator Ron Johnson : I ‘can’t imagine’ voting yes on health bill in a week | TheHill

Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee Update –

See below for new coverage regarding the American Health Care Act, including quotes from Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson expressing concerns about voting yes for the health bill (American Health Care Act) next week.

Please contact Senator Johnson to share your concerns about the secretive process and the major cuts to Medicaid. See below for contact information for Senator Johnson and a link to the new coverage.

Contact Senator Johnson at the following numbers:

  • DC office: 202–224–5323
  • Oshkosh office: 920–230–7250
  • Milwaukee office: 414–276–7282

Click here for more information
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Community Coalition 4 Quality Policing & NAACP Present: How Do We Address the Rising Violence in Milwaukee

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Children’s Long Term Support Waiver Program: Elimination of the Disability Determination Requirement

Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee Update

Some good news from Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Effective July 1, DHS will no longer require that children applying for the Children Long Term Support (CLTS) Waiver Program have a Disability Determination. Since many lower income families access Medicaid through BadgerCare, they may have not had a need to obtain a disability determination for their child. The requirement for a disability determination discouraged some lower income families from pursuing eligibility for the CLTS waiver, and caused delays in determining eligibility and access to waiver services for children and their families. See below for a link to the DHS memo regarding this positive policy change.

By way of background, note that this requirement was already waived since 2010 for counties that chose to participate in the Compass Wisconsin: Threshold unified intake project, which includes most large counties. Threshold provides a unified point for intake, application and eligibility determination for children’s long-term support (CLTS) services for families in the following counties: Adams, Columbia, Dane, Green, Jackson, Jefferson, Kenosha, LaCrosse, Lafayette, Marquette, Monroe, Ozaukee, Racine, Rock, Walworth, Washington and Waukesha counties. Families can apply for Katie Beckett Medicaid, Children’s Long-Term Support Waiver and the Children’s Community Options Program through CompassWisconsin: Threshold.

Milwaukee County and others that have not participated in Compass Wisconsin: Threshold continued to have the requirement for a disability determination which could delay access to waiver services for children and their families. By eliminating the disability determination requirement, there will be a consistent policy in all Wisconsin counties.

DHS info about Children’s Long Term Support waiver:
Milwaukee County Children’s Long Term Support Program:
Compass Threshold Wisconsin:

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New resource: Impact of the administration’s proposed budget on people with disabilities

Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee Update

See the attached new resource from Survival Coalition of Wisconsin Disability Organizations, which looks at the impact of the president’s proposed budget on people with disabilities. The budget includes extreme cuts to health care, benefits, legal services, housing, education, and many other vital services, which have the potential to put the health, safety, and lives of Americans with disabilities at risk.

This is a good reminder of the importance of turning out later today for Congresswoman Moore’s town hall on the federal budget, and submitting a question regarding funding for programs that are important to children and adults with disabilities.

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EXPO Events

One of the most exciting, powerful developments in WISDOM has been the emergence of EXPO, EX-Prisoners Organizing. Our formerly-incarcerated brothers and sisters are committed to changing the way we see and talk about people with conviction histories, and they are leading the charge to transform our terribly flawed criminal justice system. EXPO has given a tremendous boost of energy, passion and insight to WISDOM.

Yesterday, EXPO leaders Mark Rice and Carl Fields did a great job on the Kathleen Dunn show on Wisconsin Public Radio. You can access the interview HERE.

We have some opportunities in the near future to support EXPO and the serious agenda they have helped lead us to:

Close the MSDF Campaign Launch
Thursday, June 29: 5 - 7pm
MATC Room M605, 700 W. State Street, Milwaukee
Download a flyer HERE.
Click HERE for more info.

EXPO Banquet
Friday, June 30: 5:30 - 8pm
Ascension Lutheran Church, 1236 S. Layton Blvd, Milwaukee
Download a flyer HERE.
Click HERE for more info.
If you’d like to support EXPO or any of the work of WISDOM, you can make a donation HERE.

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This morning I announced the launch of my new “Engage Milwaukee” initiative, a hands-on, first-of-its-kind community outreach and education campaign throughout the entire County designed to give the public more opportunities to make their voices heard on important issues.

Milwaukee County has everything it takes to be the best-run government in the country, but we can only get there if we constantly aim to improve in all that we do. A more interactive model of civic engagement and public input greatly increases our chance of success.

This year, we’re using a new software platform, A Balancing Act, which allows County residents to design and share their own budget for Milwaukee County. This tool will help the public more easily visualize and understand the difficulties in balancing the needs of competing priorities with finite resources. The Balancing Act software uses clear and transparent language to describe the County’s revenues and expenses, and then lets users determine their funding priorities – the only catch is, they have to balance revenue and spending, just like elected officials do.

You can check A Balancing Act out for yourself here:

I feel strongly that the community should be heard as we make important decisions about where and how to invest our resources into programs and services that empower more people. We’ve made a lot of progress over the past six years but Milwaukee County is at a real crossroads. With an expected $40 million deficit in the upcoming budget, sustained progress will be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Engaged, informed citizens like you are essential to ensuring that our shared responsibilities — caring for our most vulnerable citizens, protecting our natural resources, fostering economic growth, and improving quality of life for everyone – are fully funded now and in the future. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out A Balancing Act and submit your own budget for Milwaukee County, and to continue the conversation on social media using the hashtag #EngageMKE.

The budget you submit is anonymous and will be received by our budget office, which will compile all the feedback we receive over the summer and share with the community in the fall. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the budget in Milwaukee County.

Chris Abele

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Transportation Budget Call to Action

The Joint Finance Committee is still working on the new Transportation Budget. We want to make sure that the new budget works for everyone!
Please contact the following state legislators and your own legislators. Be sure to include your address: we want them to know of the support of people all around the state. Please re-send your message regularly until the budget is finalized. Thanks.

Take action to create a transportation system that works for everyone in Wisconsin:

  • more money for Public Transit

  • more money for Specialty Transit for seniors and people with disabilities

  • more money for local roads

  • fund these important priorities by scaling back the huge highway projects that are not necessary

  • resist any attempts to remove public transit from the Transportation Fund.

Key Transportation Legislators:
Joint Committee on Finance
Sen. Alberta Darling____________________Co-Chair: (608) 266–5830
Rep. John Nygren______________________Co-Chair: (608) 266–2343
Rep. Dale Kooyenga___________________Vice-Chair: (608) 266–9180
Sen. Luther S. Olsen___________________Vice-Chair: (608) 266–0751
Sen. Leah Vukmir_______________________Member: (414) 453–0024
Joe Malkasian____________________________Clerk:

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By RL McNeely PhD; JD

Thirty feet below me lay Russell. I viewed the crumpled, lifeless form of what only vaguely resembled a human being. All at once I realized the stupidity to which we had fallen prey. How foolish we had been! Now I had to risk my life for one who might already be dead.

I began to think about the kind of person Russell was. He was a person who would risk everything he owned, including his life, for a friend. Then I thought about my own feelings. I thought about my wife, I thought about my children, I thought about the bad things I had done during my life, I thought about many things — I, I was scared. Then something peculiar happened. It was like being a different person. I was seeing myself as Russell would see me; I felt like throwing up.

All of this had occurred during only a few moments. After I had regained my composure I realized that it would be better to risk my life than to let Russell lay there dying. I would be condemning myself to a living death if I didn’t go down to help him.

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Join the June 15 Wisconsin Call-in Day to Protect Medicaid

Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee Update

Members of the U.S. Senate are working behind closed doors on their own version of American Health Care Act (AHCA). The U.S. Senate is preparing to vote on the AHCA within the next two weeks. There is a lot at stake for Wisconsin in this vote. The AHCA cuts federal Medicaid funding by 25% over 10 years and eliminates key health care protections for children and adults with disabilities, including those with mental health needs. Estimates indicate Wisconsin could lose $1 billion in funding and put many essential programs and supports for children/adults with disabilities and seniors at risk.

Join the June 15th Wisconsin Call-in Day to Protect Medicaid. Share your concerns about the proposed cuts to Medicaid and loss of important health care protections. Today’s 3 PM meeting of the Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force will also include an update on the AHCA and on the June 15th Call In Day to Protect Medicaid.

For information on what Medicaid means to Wisconsin children and adults with disabilities, check out this link :

More than 1500 people responded to Survival Coalition’s survey asking how Wisconsin’s disability community uses our state’s more than 20 Medicaid programs, and how their lives would be impacted if Medicaid changes. Here is a sampling of those statewide results, organized by Congressional district, Please share these stories widely with your local media and state and federal legislators.

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Legislative Update from Senator Lena Taylor

Supporting the Mental Health of Our Students

As a part of our budget deliberations on education, it is refreshing to see a measure that has been introduced by the Walker administration to address the mental health needs of Wisconsin students. Specifically, there is $2,500,000 in Mental Health Collaboration Grants intended to allow for the establishment of a program that would screen children for early signs of mental health issues or concerns. According to research from the US Department of Health and Human services, for adolescents, ages 13 to 18, the lifetime prevalence of mental disorders severe enough to cause significant impairment in daily functioning is approximately 20%. Poor mental or emotional health can impact a student’s school attendance, perceived competence, concentration, academic achievement and graduation.

The grant is based on similar legislation passed by the Minnesota legislature nearly ten years ago. The irony is that even 10 years ago, Minnesota passed their legislation with twice the amount of funding currently being proposed in our current budget. Once again, Wisconsin is playing catch up. It is time to lead and set examples of our own by improving our mental health care initiatives and outcomes. Therefore, I am introducing budget motions to adequately fund this grant. We must ensure that our children don’t receive Band-Aids but a get a cure.

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Call Your Senators RE: AHCA/ACA Repeal!

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Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force – June 13th meeting

Please join us for the June 13th meeting of the Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force: Your input and participation are needed and valued.

Meeting Details:
Tuesday June 13th, 3 – 5 PM
IndependenceFirst, 540 S. 1st st. – note we are in rooms B and C, not the usual room “A”

Our agenda will include the following:

  • Mental Health Task Force Steering committee opening for a provider. Thank you to each of the talented individuals who were nominated – we hope each of you will become involved with the Task Force. The Steering Committee has advanced the names of two nominees who meet the position critieria. Nominees will speak to the task force, and members who attend regularly will complete ballots.

Note: If you are a regular participant in the Task Force and cannot attend Tuesday, you may email me to request a ballot and a packet with information about the nominees. Please contact email by end of business Monday.

  • ”Something to think about” segment, provided by Terri Elzey, as part of an ongoing series to support our work to advance inclusion.

  • “Race: the Power of an Illusion” DVD and discussion facilitated by Dr. Patricia McManus

  • Policy updates: County, state, and federal including Save Medicaid Day, Barbara Beckert

  • Patricia Obletz, a member of the CC4QP, community coalition 4 quality policing, will share with us the work of this new Coalition, including some upcoming opportunities to hear from author Michael Scott about moving from community policing per MPD to problem solving policing.

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NAMI Monthly Educational Meeting June 2017

For this month will be discussing PTSD with guest speaker Mark Flower. Thank for all that you do.

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