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In the course of his campaign for Governor last year, then-Candidate Tony Evers made a lot of promises about what he would do as Governor. He made some of those promises directly to WISDOM, in writing.

In his recent budget proposal for 2019–21, the Governor came through on many of his promises. WISDOM is encouraged by budget provisions related to Immigrant Driversí Licenses, Health Care, Education, and Transit. (A more complete write-up of WISDOMís reaction to the budget can be downloaded here: WISDOM March 12 Budget Statement.

On the other hand, the Governorís budget proposal comes up far short of the promises made by Candidate Evers less than a year ago. A few examples:

ē Candidate Evers promised to include a $15 million/year increase in Treatment Alternatives and Diversions (TAD) in his first budget. Governor Eversí proposal adds only $1 million, even though TAD saves more money than it spends, and it has broad bi-partisan support in the legislature.
ē Candidate Evers promised to cut the prison population in half. Governor Evers proposes building even more capacity to the system. The first new beds would open up in July, 2020. Construction for further expansion is proposed to begin in March, 2021.
ē Candidate Evers promised to work on a plan to close the inhumane, unnecessary Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF). Governor Evers proposes a remodeling project for MSDF with would not be complete until 2023.

What can you do about it?
First: Sign up to join us for Madison Action Day on March 26. Be one of the hundreds of people from around the state demanding a state budget that is fair, compassionate, and that deals with some of the worst racial inequities in the country. You can Register for Madison Action Day Here

Second: Call Governor Eversís office, at 608–266–1212. Let him know what you appreciate and what you donít, and challenge him to live up to the expectations created by Candidate Evers.

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