Looming Mental Health Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing America into a mental health crisis that the U.S. is not prepared foróunless Congress acts now. Anxiety, depression, trauma and substance use are all on the rise, and huge increases in unemployment increase the risk of suicide.

Social isolation, financial distress, fears about health and an uncertain future are fueling a mental health epidemic alongside the COVID-19 pandemic.

Congress must address this growing mental health crisis. Urge your Representative to:

  • Protect state and local capacity to provide mental health services. State and local governments are on the verge of making widespread cuts. They need emergency funds to be able to preserve mental health services and meet the growing demand.

  • Respond rapidly to the mental health crisis. Helplines are experiencing exponential increases in calls as people struggle. We need to establish and fully fund 9–8−8 as the nationís three-digit hotline for effective mental health crisis care and suicide prevention.

  • Protect people with mental illness who are justice-involved. To address the alarming gaps in our health systemís ability to care for people in custody, and as they are released to the community, we need to ensure a coordinated response and connections to care.

Congress has the opportunity to elevate mental health care in this time of need. Email your Representative today and urge them to act quickly to prioritize mental health.


Thank you for your advocacy.

Jessica Hart
Senior Manager, Field Advocacy

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