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writer, collage & other media artist, movement person artistically and therapeutically

I am currently working on a solo show designed to bring holistic health into personal view for people - perhaps I will perform a small snippet of it at the St. Paddy’s day share experience.

My money makers are:

Please feel free to contact me if you need any of these things - or (262) 898–3061.

I also write for the web:

My Site - if you have a stiff neck or hurt back, this is the place for you!!
My BellaOnline Site - if you are sitting at a computer right now, this is the place for you!!

i am currently (and slowly) teaching myself medical illustration (mostly related to the spine) Here is a little gallery:

This is what the inside of your low back looks like! If you are interested in what the blue things do, I have written an article entitled: The Intervertebral Disk

I hope to contribute to Anne Asher’s movement(s),
And enlist the support of my friends & partners,
A growing number of whom are contributors,
When the Spirit moves them,

Honored to have you consider this experiment!

Olde Godsile

P.S. Perhaps you might want a soapbox
To introduce your work to good people
At the 4th Annual St. Pat’s All City Gathering
At Timbuktu, March 17, 5:30 to 8:30.

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