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The Milwaukee Renaissance

The Milwaukee Renaissance is the awakening of the people of the Historic City of Milwaukee to our great future, our great “city adventure.” We have the resources at hand to spark a renaissance in our city of the Great Lakes.

The tide has turned and Milwaukee is no longer a “rust-belt” city rotting at the core.

Milwaukee is a lovely city on a Great Lake. Milwaukee is becoming aware of its new essence, its new spirit. The Spirit of Milwaukee is an exuberant one. Milwaukee is on the way back. Milwaukee, Historic Milwaukee, is in renaissance. And the people are beginning to act on that concept.

It is my intuition that the historic center of Milwaukee, i.e. Historic Milwaukee, is to become, over the next generation or two, one of the jewels of American cities, renown for the preservation of its historic buildings and neighborhoods and the creativity of its people.

I also believe that the negative mantra of Milwaukee as “the most segregated(read racist) city in the USA will give way, sparked by this summer’s NAACP National Convention in Milwaukee, July 9–14, to an understanding that Milwaukee transformed itself into a welcoming cosmopolitan city of the creative working classes of all of God’s children. Milwaukee created for itself a broad class of “rainbow creatives,” citizens blessed with multiple skill sets, high in value vis-a-vis the world market place; citizens from the rich soil of the Wisconsin Progressive and the Milwaukee Social Democratic traditions; citizens cognizant of the power of a rich, participatory “civil society.”

It is quite possible that Milwaukee will become known, not just for its beer, but also for the trailblazing manner in which it harnessed the power of the internet to advance the cause of its creative working classes, in terms of economic, political, and cultural democratization and advance.

It is possible that some of this advance can be sparked by

This site has three aspects: projects; people; and “moments.”


The projects are the undertakings of social, cultural, and creative entrepreneurs and knowledge-workers who are committed to the renaissance of the city.


Milwaukee Renaissance Moments?

Accelerated Adaptations?

This section will house sometimes dense theory works behind some of these projects, including your choices!

Most Beautiful Elevating Milwaukee Places?

This section will lead to sacred or funky destinations in Historic Milwaukee that will elevate or charm.

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