Art Heitzer

On May 6, 2006, Peace Action Wisconsin celebrated activist Art Heitzer in a roiling party at Turner Hall. About 200 folks turned out and gave to Peace Action Wisconsin to honor Art.

For the past 40 years, Art has been a passionate community activist, present on so many scenes, particularly those related to civil rights and foreign relations.

He has spearheaded the Milwaukee Committee to Normalize Cuban Relations, drawing attention to the counterproductive boycott of Cuba that America, after years of failure, continues to believe will change the government of Cuba while depriving American citizens of the right to travel to Cuba and depriving American farmers of a substantial market for grain.

He has drawn our attention to the erosion of our civil rights, even before the disastrous (so-called) Patriot Act of 2001, and its entrenchment in 2006.

He has stood witness in the street, as many of us have, to America’s foolish pre-emptive war-before-diplomacy policies.

He has stood beside our young who were arrested protesting the war. In fact, during that celebration of peace, he himself was arrested while asking the officer for her badge number (one more right we are in danger of losing again). He challenged his arrest and in the legal victory laid a significant precedent to protect the citizens’ right to know the name of the officer. This case was a triumph for all citizens in Milwaukee.

At the party, May 6th, Art chose not to talk about the past and the many issues, but about us, the players, and how he sees that we can be most effective. As the saying goes, “you shudda’ bin dere” but for those who were not, and for the forgetful who were, Art has provided his Ten Tips To Live By.

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