Avalon Theater Building

Brainstorm the Avalon

This site is open for people who would like to help the owner of the Avalon Theater have the best possible support from the Bay View community. A community as connected as we are becoming can spark mighty collaborations with their cherished businesses on the main streets of our historic neighborhoods.
Some of the ways the citizens of Bay View can assist are:

  • Provide professionally advanced proposals for the restoration of the physical plant

  • Offer help in renting out the building to the best possible complimentary tenants

  • Create best possible use of the interior space, over and above movies

My phone is 232 1336 if anyone has any questions.


The Avalon is a possible occasion for an experiment employing the concept of guild, in the renascent Milwaukee of the 21st century.

Would anyone be up for a “social enterprise co-op” at the Avalon Building?

At this work station we could do joint ventures around

  • small business start ups

  • support for artists, artisans, and knowledge workers who are part of the “free agent nation” lacking health insurance and other resources that large numbers would afford, e.g. internet resources, accounting services, promotions support, research and development, training and recruitment, etc.

  • shop front schools and support for Milwaukee teachers and students

  • graphics, printing, and distribution of electronic and paper communcations

  • grant writing, fund raising, events planning for public interest groups and various “movements, “ e.g. Bay View Neighborhood Association, Heritage and Cultural Tourism Project, Rainbow Coaltion, etc.

  • complementary tenants for rest of building:work/live/retail condo/co-ops, atists, artisans, knowledge workers, service providers could have workshops, living quarters, and patron/client space at the Avalon Co Op
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