Crime in Bay View and What To Do About It

Bill Sell Post, June 4, 2006

About crime. The BVNA has been trying to organize block watches for about 2 years now. This is a most effective weapon because when the kids find out they have been watched by many eyes, they are more likely to shift their activities to another neighborhood or to something more honest.

A good place to start this effort will be to show up for the meeting with the Chief at Bay View High School on Monday. Our police district now has a new safety officer. This could be our biggest break, as the former one was an indifferent slacker and talker. The new guy is really excited about his job and that’s where we come in; we make his job worth doing.

We can bring the new safety officer along by showing our concerns about these matters in public, and getting the chief to the neighborhood is an important piece of the puzzle.

The most effective crime deterrent are the neighbors. We see. Police can only respond. And the massive presence of police in one area leave another area exposed. Massive police presence may have other downsides, too.

I, too, had the experience of my son’s bike being taken out from under him at a time when we could not afford to replace it. Shari, you did the right thing, I believe by reacting and calling the police. You did the dangerous thing by looking for the bike. Next time, maybe take some neighbors with you. I will certainly go along to help. Others on this list will, too. Let’s build a neighborhood

Bill Sell

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