Editor note: The discussion in Bay View continues on Facebook: I note the freewheeling, sometimes sardonic language, but I am happy to find such respect for bus riders. Many disturbed that bus riders were not invited into this process. This is a sea change for Milwaukee. —Bill Sell

Shannon Knapp. I *knew* the votes for NONE or START OVER were as much as any other. I really wish we could get them to listen and start over. Milwaukee Blacksmith would put in something beautiful, without a penny of Dombrowski’s money!
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Amy Schubert. They should just replicate the Alterra Busstop and put a garden there. This coming from an avid bus rider.
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Shannon Knapp. Sorry Amy, bus riders were not interviewed by any of the entrants before or during design.
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Bob Piechocki. I liked the swingset idea
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Jan Pierce. Amy: I had the exact same thought when I saw what a nice one that Alterra put in.
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Mike Dukat. Maybe the city could rent out an upper unit on the bus stop for some cash flow? :)
August 27 at 2:03am ∑ Like

Christopher Miller. And how bout some cover for the green line riders?
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Christopher Miller. what about a monument to Bay View’s independent years? maybe one of those “maps in the floor” style things that was done so well in the Library. Integrated and attractive bus stops.
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Mike Dukat. Heated sidewalk area for winter and one of those water sprayer things for waiting passengersr for summer months inside/near the bus stop.
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Bob Piechocki. How ‘bout we set up a mock set/ tribute to the Movie ‘Bus Stop’ ?
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Andy Reid. How bout a small doughnut shop like they have on north ave? OR a big water fountain with a couple trees around it? We could still put up a tall ‘Bay View’ sign too…… brick walkways around the fountain and to it, but with gravel or bark under the trees like they have next to the Marcus Center downtown…… K.K. has NO TREES and I HATE that…. we also need ‘bump out’s ever so often and plant trees ALL THE WAY DOWN……
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Andy Reid. yeah, there’s a cute little one on 6th and Lincoln… something like that but bigger…
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Kate Wiekamp Fowdy. I think we should have Kent Knapp make us a cool Bay View sign for that spot!
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Paul Engelberger. How about a statue in rememberance of Dick Bacon. Maybe even a foil booth to keep riders toasty in the winter and get a little color.
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Michael Grimshaw. A Tardis!

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Bill Sell. A Tardis, YES!, as long as you can open it from the inside.
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Amy Schubert. How about a big blue shirt? (I crack myself up).
September 2 at 1:00pm via mobile ∑ Like ∑ 3

Bill Sell. Oh, Amy, those words are war starters :-) But YES a BIG BLUE shirt. Yes.
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Christopher Miller. As long as I can stand under it, sounds great!
September 3 at 9:24am via mobile ∑ Like ∑ 1

Patty Pritchard Thompson. Ask Tony to show you ALL of the surveys from the April community meeting at BVHS. I would bet that more than half the responders said to start over. To ignore those responses is just a bad move.
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Mike Dukat. Patty, I am sure it was conducted in a manner to best represent the “democratic process” of the people’s involvement. :)
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Andy Reid. I do have to point out one thing tho…. when all of this started with the contest and that triangle… there wasn’t a ton of interest….. now that a decision has been made on what it is going to be, seems like just because people don’t necessarily like what’s going there, that they are now complaining about it, myself included. I wasn’t involved in the beginning, so I can only say so much…. so hopefully everyone that is speaking up was involved in the beginning…. and yes, there was plenty of time and notice on this one, I do remember.
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Patty Pritchard Thompson. This discussion has been going on for months, and as always, seems to fall on deaf ears.
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Andy Reid. just sayin Patty, no offense to anyone, just pointing out something I noticed…..
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Bill Sell. Andy, several were asking for more information during the months the project was in process. They got the RFP and the names of the Committee members. When the finalists were presented there was disappointment in what came out of this process. Too much done in private. Why should they be quiet now?
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Tj Flynn. When I originally heard of the project, I figured that if we live in a city that measures the height of your lawn and checks for numbers on your garage and tries to track how finished your basement space is, of COURSE it would have basic clues for a high-traffic multi use space, that there would be sight line requirements, size restrictions, shelter guidelines and possibly additional preferences from nearby business owners or previous projects. I didn’t want to inject my aesthetic opinion because frankly, I have a full time job plus a kid plus etc., and I thought the functional aspects would have been covered. I was wrong. I cannot believe that there weren’t guidelines about visibility for auto and bus traffic, or functional requirements for bus shelter space. Do i care if it’s pretty? Sure. that’d be nice. It’s a gateway to our community. But it’s subjective. Do I care if I’m going to get mugged, or freeze, or soaked, or bake on that corner? Absolutely.
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Christopher Miller. The more I think about art stop, the more I’m convinced that the words are backwards. The focus should have been on making a good transit connection area and public space have artistic and aesthetic merit rather than trying to make a piece of art into a bus stop. I definitely want public space to be more than functional, it should also be aspirational, but it must also be AT LEAST functional. I continue to be disappointed with the elected leadership from our district who talk about transit, and show up for MCTS photo ops, but don’t know anything about using it on a daily basis because they do not use it. I’m looking at you, tony and Jason, on this one. To me, this explains the continued failure of projects such as this one. Being sympathetic, or emotionally and verbally supportive is simply no replacement for actual understanding of what it means to live as a transit user, either through choice or necessity (and we’ve gt both in Bay View). We got the artists involved, but where were the transit users? The “stop” is what was missing from the art stop.
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Andy Reid. Bill, I wasn’t referring to ‘those’ people….
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Patty Pritchard Thompson. Not more say, but some say. Not one single rider was asked what their needs were, and it is, after all, a shelter for riders.
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Andy Reid. yes, shelter for riders first, artistic part second….
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Christopher Miller. It may be a bit unfair to the designers, since the three “finalists” all seem to make a nod to the Lincoln stop side of the triangle. Perhaps they were not informed that the green line stop would be at the north end; this crucial difference has resulted in much different pedestrian traffic pattern around the space than one might have expected. It’s a great design practice to start by seeing how people use a space and then build around it; the easiest example is letting people choose paths across a “grassy area” before you put down the concrete walkways. Maybe there’s an argument to reopen the designs now that its possible for the designers to see how real people are actually using the space, so they can design to accomodate both those functional needs and imbue them with the aesthetic sense that artists can bring?
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Andy Reid. maybe the artist weren’t consulted on the actual functionality of the area….?
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Shannon Knapp. Wouldn’t that be the artist’s responsibility? Each and every one was asked how many riders they interviewed and every one said none. As soon as that was stated, the committee should have come to an agreement to start over. The final choice, regardless of one’s personal taste in aesthetic beauty offers little to no wind, rain and snow protection. There are so very many things wrong with this project.
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Patty Pritchard Thompson. The point may very well be moot. If you talk to Tony, he’ll tell you this is a done deal. The design has been selected, the money has been secured, the BID has agreed to maintain it, and there will be no more discussion. We can talk all we like about it, but unless your Alderman chooses to listen, you are talking to thin air.
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P.J. Early. Patty, you bring up a point that I’ve been mulling over and over for the past few weeks… why all the discussion over something that’s not up for discussion?
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Patty Pritchard Thompson. FYI, I sent a note to TZ on July 6th regarding the Art Stop, and have not heard a peep from him. I reinforces how uncommunicative he is, and how we really should expect more from leadership. Raise the bar. http://bayviewcompass.com/archives/11797
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Andy Reid. Do I hear the beginnings of a run for the next Alderperson Patty?
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Andy Reid. ;)
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Annie Weidert. At minimum riders from each of the routes that intersect there should have been consulted, especially those who regularly get off and wait to transfer there, not just pass through on a bus.
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