Rough, untested numbers.


Use “Greenhouse 1″ - outdoor greenhouse (PT 30 with aquaponics grow beds already installed) for aquaponics lettuce production. Maximum production capacity (assuming full nutrients, light, optimal plant spacing and sequential harvesting) is between 500–1000 lbs of lettuce/month (Sweet Water wholesale market value = $3,500 - $7,000/month). Area of this greenhouse is ~1,000 sq ft, with X sq ft for production


Use “XA 300″ - outdoor greenhouse (which is currently empty) for soil-based gardening. Maximum production capacity has not been calculated, but guessing around 500 lbs/month during growing season. Area of this greenhouse is ~1,500 sq ft, which could provide ~1,000 sq ft for production.

“Greenhouse 1″ space rental = $250/month

“XA 30″ space rental = $250/month

Use of nutrient-rich fish water for Greenhouse 1 = $1,000/month

- includes cost of raising fish (labor, feed, and utilities)

Use of other Sweet Water equipment and space = $250/month

- includes use of processing kitchen, compost, storage space, shovels, etc.

Training and supervision by Sweet Water operational staff = $25/hour * 60 hours/month = $1,500/month

Total = $3,250/month

Accounting for seasonal fluctuations in production

“Greenhouse 1″, which is set up for aquaponics production, will continue to produce well in the off-season because of heated water, although plant growth rate will decrease in the waning sunlight hours. “XA 300″ will produce much less during the off-season, and likely will not produce at all during the winter months. The growing season for XA 300 could be extended substantially with alterations to the greenhouse structure. This is an area in which Matt Ray’s consultation and support could be very valuable.

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