My Dear Supervisor

I am confused that Transit does not use its assets more productively. We fret when the asset scavengers in County government talk about using (leasing, selling) Park assets, but we give those 400 buses a pass, or an “F” for failure to produce revenue.

The numbers

  • 170,000 passengers each day, captive audience.
  • $43 million in cash fares yearly (2005 NTD)
  • 1.3 million people who see buses each day.
  • Buses painted outside with ads for everything EXCEPT bus service.
  • Indoor billboard space above the passengers. About 80 square feet per bus; about 32,000 square feet total fleet.
  • Indoor billboard space above the passengers often empty, under-unused by Transit to promote buses.
  • Indoor billboard space mostly with wordy ads — in an interactive world of action and graphics.
  • Indoor billboard space ideally positioned to show bus routes, city highlights, destinations (how to get there)

If the parks need visitors, why not market picnic days with buses? Take city people to our finest outlying parks - Whitnall, Brown Deer, Lake, Grant - by bus with special incentives for families traveling together. The experience of riding a bus, and not having to park, of being dropped AT the destination might not be appreciated until it is experienced. On these trips talk to riders about commuting by bus.

Get the Brewers to promote Transit. Develop ticket packages for whole families, and a bus ride to the gate.

In this capitalistic, consumer-driven world you cannot take future customers for granted. You must reach out.

Bill Sell
Nov. 4, 2007

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