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How The Cuts Affect Routes

We will add your information about cutting routes. Send to: Saving Transit

These routes are now “under discussion”. They may or may not appear in the County Exec’s budget. If they do appear, they might easily be cut more by the Board because at that point the decisions are no longer technical, but political.

A west-sider comments on Route 11:

… MPS Central Services at 50th and Vliet … is also a polling station. (I vote in the MPS Central Services Building.) Also served by the 11 is King Community Center at 1531 W. Vliet St., the Washington Park Senior Center at 43rd and Vliet, and the , Marcia P. Coggs Human Services Center (food stamps and welfare services) at 1220 West Vliet Street. When I take the 11 into work, the 60th and Vliet segment that runs east/west to Hwy 41 (and beyond) is chiefly populated by non-whites. On almost every ride, a mother gets on the bus using a stroller. And on several occasions, wheelchair bound individuals have boarded.

Walkerís solution is to route people to the 31 then south to Highland that runs on Washington Blvd or the bus that runs on North (21, I think…I havenít ridden that one for years) or the 57 (Lisbon to Walnut). None of these alternatives in my opinion is very practical. For me, that means a transfer downtown and adds time to what is already a 40–45 minute ride from 49th and Vliet to Dover & Howell. That is a BIG disincentive to me to ride the bus, along with me factoring in the fare. I suspect there are others, especially those in chairs or with kids, especially those in strollers, who would prefer not to have to transfer.

Route 48 Freeway Flyer (to be cut completely) serves:

And the Route 48 businesses

Route 53 to be cut from any runs east of KK

Route 11 (to be cut completely) serves:

Route 15 (appears to be cut by one third)

This bus is full at non-rush hours, even through midnight, and serves:

Route 64 (to be killed) serves:

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