Dear County Supervisors

Thank you for putting in a long evening with your public last night, and for bringing us together. Why, in many ways better than television. However, I should scold you a bit. None of you got on the bus with us who stayed at the hearing until the end. If you heard it once, you may need to hear it again. Ride your buses.

Extended remarks: I am looking neither for a tax increase nor a tax decrease. I am looking for Vision - Smart Management of your Transit assets. It’s unbelievable that with all those millions in the fare box you cannot find a few dollars to brighten up the inside of the buses with some teaching tools. 400 buses, each with two forty foot long billboards above eye level. These spaces should be filled with bus routes, and County highlights, how to use a bus to get to the Zoo, Calatrava, lake front or Summerfest, Mitchell Street, Miller Park, Leons or JT Bones (some restaurants will pay to be included on these billboards). For starters, make such maps for a few selected routes that are central to the operation: 30, 15, 10, 14, 76 (off the top of my head).

You need to capture the new riders when they get on the bus.

There is almost no information. If we riders are lucky there are bus schedules for this bus. BusLines is a dreary newsletter that NEEDS work. There are design students at the colleges that would love the challenge as a project. Free to the County.

Transit TV is a discredit to Transit. It makes your operation look cheap by fostering ads of get rich quick schemes. The message from those boxes is consistently “You are a bunch of losers if you are on the bus.” Old weather reports are the best joke on the bus; irrelevant news (at least it’s quiet). Get rid of those videos. Keep the Stop Announcements; they are helpful. Get the driver to announce the other streets. But Transit TV is a disaster. When it is on loudly, one cannot read.

Better, offer WiFi on the buses (for a quarter if you must) so people can work if they wish.

Please build Transit. You have the power. You fail us when you lose faith in your job.

Bill Sell
October 30, 2007

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