Dear Supervisor

I don’t want to sound mean to Ms. Jackie Janz*, but I’m concerned some of you believe her. She is polished and articulate, but she is wrong. She says “we have no choice.” But that is nonsense.

66 helpful hints from Riders.

Consider there are at least 66 steps Transit can take to improve service and attract more riders. We started this list in August with 30. I was told by the distinguished gentleman on the Transportation Committee meeting of September 12 that “we have your list, Bill.” Have it, perhaps. But Read it? Did you read it? The discussions of Transit are so depressing I believe many of you have swallowed some negativity pill.

Please look again. There are ways of building ridership. Here’s one more not yet on the web site: Paint one bus “Free Ride” and let it circulate daily through the County routes. Give hints of its route on Public Radio (where your fans are). The free transfer the rider accepts will be good for a cup of coffee (so the rider is more likely to keep it). My own tiny company would be willing to buy a day’s worth of such coffees.

A vote against buses is a vote for a Milwaukee Depression. Let’s Think, Act, Move. Don’t stand up your workforce at the bus stops. Don’t buy that song “we have no choice.” This is not the Soviet Union (yet), but America, the land of invention, creativity, and enterprise.

Bill Sell
November 2, 2007

*Spokesperson for County Government on matters of Transit

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