Mini Grants for City Farm Start-up Kits(first draft)


  • 1 yard of Growing Power Compost ($75 material, $50 loading & delivering)

  • Border of re-cycled wood or stone from Pietre Godfrey’s (estimate $100 material & delivering)

  • Seeds ($25 to $50)

  • Consulting ($100 for four hours of seasoned gardener/farmer’s mindbody time)

  • Tools, gas, whatever ($25 to $125)

Total Projected Start-up Costs: $400 to $500

Mixed Model Financing of City Farm Start Up Kits

  • People Who Can Pay, Pay

  • Worthies Who Can’t Pay Now, Pay portion and Other Sources Pay the Rest

  • Private individuals contribute or invest in start-ups

  • Organizations, institutions, foundations, e.g. High Wind, offer mini-grants from $100 to $300

  • Sponsors of City Farm Start Ups, e.g. Community Roofing & Restoration City Farm

Ways to Minimize Startup Costs

  • Create your own composted soil (we’ll provide on-line tips)

  • Salvage your own border (we’ll provide on-line tips)

  • Get seeds and plants from your friends

  • Enlist volunteer consulting help, e.g. volunteer Master Gardeners (see Boucher comments below)

Conversations and Comments About City Farm Startup Kits

Dave Boucher

You might want to check with Dennis at County Extension, Milwaukee’s sage of the Shoots and Roots Program, and backyard growing approaches…. his # is 290–2413. Tapping into master gardener volunteers would be very practical in this case where T/A is really important.

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