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Keeping the Mothership Safe and Your Conscience Free

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Subject: Keeping the Mothership Safe and Your Conscience Free
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The work is physically hard, dirty, and dangerous,
Not many parents throw parties when the sons sign on.

Many of the clients are tempted to open the door
To their lesser angel, selective money memory abounds.

Far too many of those that you’d hire,
Pay less heed to the beauty and craft desired.

The work is so far up and away,
That fine detail often gets lost in the fray.

The weather is often too windy, wet, hot, or cold,
OSHA’s safety rules “not right for the bold!”

Most of our clients are fine human beings,
Sometime, however, some seem more like fiends.

So arm yourselves with rules to protect your quest,
The fewer, the simpler, the better, the best.

The golden rule, do unto others,
Is good for the start.

The golden mean , all in moderation,
Fine character, good heart.

Always protect yourself against others’ shadow side,
Don’t ever, no never, let these rules aside:

(l) Never allow a new guy on your job without
there being his certificate of insurance,
workers comp and liability in the hands of Community Roofing’s Office/Records Keeper.

(2) Never allow a new guy on your high and dangerous job,
without obsessing about proper scaffolding or ropes.

Who would want a death or Community’s demise
On their conscience for lack of these 2 simple rules.

May the Blessing of God rest upon you,
May God’s peace abide with you, and,
May the presence of God illuminate your heart now and forevermore


P.S. Please send me a reply and let me know if you will be a willing participant at Community 2005 and find it quite easy to imagine yourself, and then following through, these basic standard operating rules.

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