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This was posted 12/8/04 to Yahoo Groups in Bay View and West Side of Milwaukee

Dear All,

Flat roofs are not much fun for building owners or their roofers.

Especially come winter.

It takes a crack as wide as a pinhead to cause problems on flat roofs

Where water usually sits

Because flat decks rarely drain perfectly

(Buildings sag and settle).

Any projections through a flat roof

Are trouble.

(Remember why the space shuttle crashed?

Because gas escaped when the sealant around the o ring

Shrunk when the temperature went below about 32 in Fla.?

So in Milwaukee sealants shrink and flat roofs leak).

And then there is the work process itself.

Hot tar is, well, hot tar. It burns skin off. It smells bad.

In summer, hot tar makes the day…very, very, very hot.

And then there is “rubber.”

The glue used to afix rubber has got to cause some kind of cancer.

It makes the most macho man dizzy and enervated.

So, to be up for dealing with flat roofs in Milwaukee

Takes a bit of brass.

My company handles only small flat roofs because of all of this.

But I have firmed up a relationship with a colleague of about 25 years

Who works for a different company than mine.

They have been handling very large flat roofs for years.

I am happy to recommend, help frame the deal,

And risk my reputation as an increasingly prudent old roofer.

Give me a call at 232 1336 if you have a flat roof that is torturing you or yours.

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