Michael Macy

Cultural Projects 2006

Outpost Stories

Rebirth of Freedom

National Center for Lesbian Rights

Young Woman’s Institute for Global Learning

Radio for Milwaukee

Michael Moynihan says this site will give you the entirity of Ivan Illich’s “Deschooling Society”


Loonsfoot Center

Wisconsin African American Women’s Center

Cambridge University multimedia treatment of Urban Icons across the planet.

Preservation Authorities from beyond our borders.

Urban Anthropology’s Settlement House Museums launched. “This month the first of three settlement museums that Urban Anthropology Inc. is developing in Milwaukee opened. The three will include one on Milwaukee’s Old South Side, one in Riverwest, and one near Jones Island. All museums will feature the history and stories of the cultural groups that settled these areas. The first, the Old South Side Settlement Museum, is located inside a 103 year old house owned by the Rozga family of the Rozga Funeral Home just next door.”

Express Yourself Milwaukee

Sarah Hall’s Milwaukee Presentation 2006

The Italians of Memphis

Joseph Cambell Society

Jeannie Holliday Thursday Songs for Dancing

World Music Festivals in Great Lakes Cities

Toward a Great Lakes Culture

Holly Haebig, One Drum, and Friends

The Scorcher Family

The Beloved Communities Initiative

Antalee Wellness Spa and Gallery

ABEA and African American Artists of Milwaukee

Fortieth Anniversary of Chicago Freedom Movement

Movement to Regulate Most Predatory Ten Percent of Lawyers

Fourth Annual St Patricks Day All City Gathering at Timbuktu

Lula’s East African Cafe Hopes to Serve the People at Summerfest 2006

Lula’s African Village at Summerfest

Toward making Milwaukee a warmer place,

And a wealthier place,
Where African philosophies of mutual aid
And Will Allen’s Growing Power Tilapia Fish Farming,
Capture the spirit of All of God’s children,
Starting most profoundly at Lula’s & Tanya’s
African Village at Summerfest, 2006.

Lindisfarne Association to Great Lakes Project

Off-site link to UWM library’s spectacular postcard collection of Milwaukee

Let’s Brainstorm creation of Milwaukee Mime Troup

Cleo C. Pruitt, Bridge Works

Holly Haebig, One Drum, and Friends February Events

Internet Empowerment of High School Writers, Actors, Artists

Fox River Valley On Line Renaissance

Advancing the Milwaukee Environmental Movement

Cultural Projects January 2006

Cultural Projects 2005


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