We must defend our Constitution against an Article V Convention. Please call your state lawmakers today!

An effort by well-funded special interests to throw the constitution into chaos is happening right here in Wisconsin.

Legislators in Madison are considering a measure that could put the entire U.S. Constitution and your rights up for grabs. We must speak out NOW to stop a dangerous call for an Article V constitutional convention.

Tell your state lawmakers to say no to gambling away your constitutional rights!

The people behind this idea want to convene a convention where delegates will have almost unlimited legal authority to rewrite our federal Constitution. It is no surprise that one of the chief supporters of the convention is the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a corporate lobbying group disguised as a tax-exempt charity.

ALEC and its allies claim to be just five states away from reaching their goal of calling a dangerous convention. We can’t let them add Wisconsin to their list. The consequences of a constitutional convention are too dire to leave to chance.

Call your state lawmakers and tell them to not gamble with your rights.

There are no rules or guides in the U.S. Constitution for an Article V convention. This means that our entire constitution – everything from our freedom of speech to the right to vote – could be up for grabs.

If the Wisconsin legislature calls for a convention, ALEC and its allies will be dangerously close to re-writing our Constitution, threatening our constitutional rights and civil liberties.

Call your state lawmakers and tell them to protect your rights. Tell them to OPPOSE any call for an Article V convention.

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