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I like to think of myself as the accessibility specialist at ConsumerHealthLabs and honestly, Im constantly surprised at the lack of information out there.

First, I wanted to send a sincere thank you for the wonderful information youve already provided for readers with a disability on your website! Youve shown how simple it is for all of us to do our part in showing support for the community. Ive been working on my latest round of resource gathering and thought you might be interested in adding them to this page:

Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities

Fire Safety & Disabilities Guide

Addiction Treatment Resources for Americans with Disabilities

The Disabled Job Seeker’s Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

A How-to Guide on Job Searching with a Disability

The Guide to Buying Used Accessible Vehicles

Socialization and the Child who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Disability Accommodation Cost Guides

Retail Savings Guide for People with Disabilities

If youd prefer a well-researched guest article on the topic, Id be honored to write one! It would be free of charge and unique to your website.

All the best,

Kelly Colemann

Milwaukee resources

I have just received permission to edit this page and will dribble resources to it that I discover over time.

There are many different kinds of challenges to ability, most of which are simply different scenarios of bottlenecked access to information that is organized, compatible, and meaningful.

I run into quite a few ideas from quite a few places. Some of which are perfectly applicable to the disabled community in its many forms of interest to accessibility.

I would like to start the community ball rolling with sharing these resources. :-)

However, I am limited… I am only able to suggest core resources based on my limited training, access to information, and own personal challenges with body and mind. I am also limited in the extent that I understand ‘disability’ as a term: categorizing resources according to bodies’ and minds’ different abilities are a rough call. In short, I’m only guessing what other’s needs are.

When you are able and have the time, please tell me what your needs are. What is missing? Who isn’t represented and considered?

Please don’t hesitate to let me know how you think this page or additional resources would be best used. I suggest contacting the main site maintainers so that they may route the suggestions to me as well as be kept in the loop. The general contact email address is

For now, we’ll start with a list of locally relevant groups, organizations, and government resources that are useful. These are set in no particular order at this time.

Disability Accommodation Cost Guides

Thriving in Trade School with a Disability

Discrimination And Addiction: How To Overcome Prejudice WIthout Relying On Drugs Or Alcohol

Accessibility and Employment: What People with Disabilities Need to Know

Wheelchair and Handicap Ramp Cost Guide

Dating When Blind or Visually Impaired From Single and Ready to Mingle to Off the Market

Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes

Social skills for adolescents and adults with autism

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