Enclosed in PowerPoint is a poster we presented at the 9th Annual Green Energy Summit and Exposition. The citation is as follows:

J. R. Anderson, M. J. Traum, “Evaluating Aquaponics Waste Processing Technique to Fire Combined-Heat-and-Power Systems,” 9th Annual Green Energy Summit and Exposition, Milwaukee, WI, March 7–10, 2012.

The processor itself already exists in prototype form at quarter-scale. It will “eat” any cellulose/lignin material (basically any plant material) or herbivore waste (i.e., fish poop - provided the fish aren’t eating meat) via pyrolysis. However, so far we’ve only fed it pine chips, cedar chips, and shredded paper because these feed materials are well-characterized and we are still in the initial testing stage. The gas resulting from thermo-chemical breakdown of feed materials will be burned in an open Brayton cycle to provide electricity and heat. The Brayton cycle system has been designed on paper, but it has not yet been built. EASENET hopes to have a beta test installation at Sweet Water by June 2013. We will have both the gasifier and the power plant ready for commercial distribution by the end of 2013 Summer.

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