Sweet Water Organics Background Research

Professor Michael Swedish of MSOE made a class project of about 10 engineering students that found them presenting the details of an energy efficient tilapia fish farm where once was an old industrial building. Here is their report, which will prove helpful to the first Sweet Water Fish Farm possibly to be launched in the first half of 2009 at the KK River Village Δ. (Warning, this file is 6.1 mb)

Here is the Swedish MSOE Enginering Class report focusing on what it would take to develop the greenest possible transformation of an industrial slum to the KK River Village. While urban agriculture was among the green innovations for this old city transformation project, there was not noticed the potential of the northern building for a fish farm experiment when this report was done.

Complete Energy Design for KK River Village: A Green Urban Development in Milwaukee (Warning, this file is 3.6 mb)

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