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Pat Wilborn of Port Fish should be emailing you soon if he has an opening for a Port Fish tour of great value re possibilities of a commeecial size aquaponics demo and sustainability center.

I myself am absolutely obsessed by a business model which scales up aquaponics by scaling it out in small systems for schools, veteran, elderly, and disability communities, and community centers and faith groups.

Guttenberg’s printing press democratized literacy and the sacred texts of Christianity in Europe, and sparked hundreds of thriving businesses that printed and distributed the larger publics over time.

Aquaponics is a living text, of enormous value for STEM training, an ecological consciousness, and complex, hands on, collaborative problem solving across many disciplines.

Here’s a link with a heap information re tbis proposition9.

If you or any of your associates find this concept worthy of exploring, please share some times for a phone conversation next week, along with a number to call.



The Sweetwater story is deep and wide and increasingly complex. Sweetwater was conceived as the nucleus for first in Milwaukee then Milwaukee/Chicago, then National, then and Global Network to advance Urban agriculture through Sweet Soil and Sweetwater experimentation.

Sweetwater Organics was one Galaxy, conceived to test the commercialization of aquaponics in a repurposed Factory building using will Allen’s methodologies. Original aquaponics model was NOT up to the challenge of paying for heat and lighting from just the sale of fish and plants.

The Sweetwater Foundation was a second Galaxy, conceived to scale up aquaponics and organic agriculture by scaling out these Technologies into the schools of the planet, starting with aquaponic Demos in about 30 Milwakee and Chicago schools.

SWF general presentation slides:

Sweetwater Network what is the third leg of our vision, focused on the notion that we are part of a social learning and production Network of peer-to-peer optimally open-sourced experiment tours.

The most storied and significant on the ground expression of the Sweetwater Universe aspirations is now housed at the Perry Avenue Sweetwater Innovation Commons.

Context for the SWF Perry Ave Commons site (boundaries between 57th Place to Garfield Blvd between Lasalle and State St):

Perry Ave Commons & Regenerative Placemaking Video Overview:

ArtPlace America Perry Ave Commons Project Overview:

Regenerative Placemaking Conceptual Vision Sketch document

Cognitive Neuro Science and Distributed, Complexified Stored Knowledge Networks

Institutionalize Analytic Systems
Representation of structure of an eco system
Event reenactments

McArthur Genius Architect Jeanne Jeanne Gang Harvard Design Class On Sweet Water South Side Chicago

New Schooling Society

Cultivating Citizens Blessed With a Cottage (Condo) With A Garden To Call Their Own

Schooling students to grow, fix, and make would improve life chances for a cottage(condo) and a garden “to call one’s own”..requiring departure from “analytical intelligence” paper pencil standardized test regimentation…appreciation of skills in art, mechanics, emotional/social/ethical intelligence, music/dance, imagination and democratic citizenship. Practical skill repertoire like this would be insurance for capricious job markets

Milwaukee Area Aquaponics Tour Options

What an inspiring son! I have framed my aquaponics adventures for a 30 year roll out period of experimentation, technology and skill development, scaling up aquaponics by scaling it out to 5% of the world’s schools by 2040. Your story inspires notion of a student family spark to the mix! Perhaps your son’s career (your encore career) will create some of those thousands of experiments.

The Sweet Water Foundation navigates tour requests with the closing of the giant factory experiment called Sweet Water Organics.

For a commercial scale tour, Pat Wilborn of Port Fish is our choice.

For a school sized system, Francis Graf of Milwaukee’s Highland Community School.

Let me know if if you don’t hear from them and I will provide other options.

I have written extensively about the Sweet Water story. The Harvard Business School has a case study of my work.

Here’s a recent note to an commercial aquapon aspirant imploring him to focus on sequential development, starting small, in schools.

There are income trickles available for ecopreneurs teaming up for this dream. Some have turned the trickles into streams, winning “day jobs” at Harvard and Johns Hopkins by virtue of their Sweet Water Foundation brilliance.

Hallellujah work to do,


Thrillest! “Big Apple Practical Aesthetes Change The World One Aquaponics Kitchen Herb Garden At A Time”

Christie—an important element of your readers is poised for a table top aquaponics system in their homes or apartments—fresh herbs daily from a garden to call their own.

Jesse is prepared to talk about the Aquapons Program in service to this vision. He is up for talking jf the Johns Hopkins clearances manifest.

“Thrillist” Sparks Inside Kitchen Garden Roll Out for Talented 1% of Big Apple Life Long Practical Learners

Others of the Sweet Water Network are poised to imagine helping develop a

Rotondo Series: Pathways To Kitchen Herb Gardens In Every Home and Condo

Whatever magazine or publisher we choose.

Hallellujah work to do,


2017 Note To Saudi Citizen Inquiry

I am a connecting node in a global network of Aquaponics Mind Sharing, a “cognitive community” of experimentors.

We can cooperate through the miracle of the internet, with me introducing you to bodies of practical information, vision sequences, and mentors to guide your adventure.

Here is a Harvard Business School essay on one of my hybrid experiments, co creating Sweet Water Organics and the Sweet Water Foundation.

Unless you have a team with many different kinds of skills and knowledge, e.g. engineering, horticulture, microbiology, “ichthology,” marketing, and enough money to cover learning and enterprise development costs (and inescapable misstakes), I urge you to begin small.

My hope is that you will frame your project as an innovation center, in which small models are developed, tested, and distributed into the schools of your city, then region, nation, and beyond. You would scale up aquaponics first by scaling it out. You would earn income from installation and tech support, as well as STEM course development and administrative routines. You can also earn revenues from workshops and eco tourism. An aquaponics innovation center has great appeal for learners young and old!

I and the Sweet Water team are part of a social learning network across the world with people poised to support you.

Here are some links that could enlighten you:

And a poem on all of this:

Supplement fish/produce sales by framing experiment as an eco school, innovation center, research community gathering place, eco tourist destination, and more.
Sweet Water, the Farm and the Academy,
Is a museum alive, an evocative destination, and a science lab!
Sweet Water is a high tech, high science,
High craft, high art
Center for safe and delicious food production—
fresh fish and produce, locally sourced!
Sweet Water is a center for hands on education
For young and old.
A center for attracting and energizing
Inventors, innovators, enterprisers…active citizens!
Civic minded celebrators!
Transforming our great industrial cities
Into even more inspiring organic cities.
Every city in every country,
In all of earth’s great civilizations and cultures…
Deserves a Sweet Water!
Sweet Water, Sweet Soil.
To be, once again,
Our children’s birthright,
Our elders security.
Sweet Water, Sweet Soil,
A means of harmony and dignity,
For one human race.
Sweet Water Theorem
FW + BB = SW + SV + SF + WWWW
F is fish
W is water
BB is beneficial bacteria
SW is sweet water
SV are sweet veggies
SF are sweet fish
WWWW are world-wide wisdom workers web
SWF has just won a huge grant from Artplace America from this approach.
We have European “partners” who would echo these views.

 Share your story as a next step.


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