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The Sacred Sites Run is a project of Earth Keepers Voices of Native America.

  • Sacred Sites Run 2005
  • Sacred Sites Run 2006
  • Sacred Sites Run 2007
  • Sacred Sites Run 2008
  • Sacred Sites Run 2009

We are educating America about the desecration and destruction of Indigenous ancient burial sites and other sacred places.

Spring Equinox will mark the beginning of the Eastern Great Lakes Sacred Sites Run 2008 from New York to Milwaukee.

The Summer Solstice morning will signify the beginning of the National Day of Prayer for the protection of sacred sites and other sacred places.

For Earth Keepers it will be a morning of acknowledgment of the many sacred sites and places in Milwaukee County.

Within the city of Milwaukee, only one ancient mound exist out of 217 that Increase Lapham mapped during his survey in the early 1830s, all have been destroyed and used as back fill for high-rises and roads.

No other ethnic group in the United States has ever been treated with such disrespect, but the Indigenous of the northern hemisphere.

In 2006, Mayor Tom Barrett issued a proclamation welcoming the sacred soil bundles from near many ancient mound sites in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Wisconsin.

What began as a local event went national and now with many supporters of the project we have sacred soil bundles from Ireland, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Australia, Germany, and a bundle of small rocks from outside the barracks of Auschwitz.

2007 run was called the Mississippi River Sacred Sites Run.

We traversed the Mississippi River northward from Marksville,LA to the head waters of the river in Northern Minnesota to Wisconsin, visiting many ancient mound sites and gathering the sacred soil bundles.

So, what are we going to do with the soil bundles? We have scouted out permanent sites where they may rest.

The best place we have seen is in Mitchell Park just east of the Botanical Garden Domes at the corner of the parking lot over looking the Menominee Valley.

We’ve entertained the idea of having a tall statue (seen from Hwy 94 running on the tree tops eastward)
for a memorial to all the ancient sites destroyed in Milwaukee.

As we approach 2010, we will need allies to help secure a site for all the “Sacred Earth Bundles of the World.” A place for all people to go and be near a sacred soil bundle from their own homeland. The Menominee Valley is no longer a beautiful site to behold, but to have the bundles there will begin to heal the human spirit from what man does to man and Earth.

We have been in contact with Gwen Moore and she has sent us two letters of support. One in 2006 and another one this year.

Western Hemisphere Holocausts

Ultimately Ben beckons us to acknowledge not only Wisconsin but also Western Hemisphere Holocausts.

Who are in the “US” group? The descendants of immigrants are in the “US” group.

This is the right season to touch the consciences of the People of Books, the readers of the Torah, the Bible and the Koran. Some of them read Newsweek Magazine.

Newsweek Magazine‘s cover story of Nov 26 Dec 2, 07 was on Sacred Sites. The story was predictably deficient. Perhaps one of us who is an able writer could offer to help Ben pen a letter to Newsweek.

Ben, better than any person I have met in 62 years, alerted me the fact that every city, county, state, nation, and region, in the Western Hemisphere has after the holocaust remnants of Sacred Sites.

The Good New is that our hemisphere has survivors who need to visit remnants of their Sacred Sites.


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