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  1. First Note

 Aquaponics Mind Jazz and the Earth Renaissance

First Note

So how about harvesting some of the Sweet Water story’s information, insights, experiences, and
connections… and focus on adding an book we edit regarding 5 by 40 to our things to do list.

I am going to invite aquapons like yourself across the city, state, land, and waters
to, over the next 5 years, join in an experiment to see what kind of “text and image
product” we can create in a dialectical and chaordic, hybrid, practical and spiritual
experimental crucible called Aquaponics Experiments(AE).

I propose a kind of mind jazz as my contribution, a flow of ideas and reports, housed
at a wiki platform I am calling Aquaponics Mind Jazz and the Earth Renaissance

You are the first person I’ve invited. My work with you advancing 5 by 40 will be my
focus in this “chapter.” My work with Pratt advancing Old City Rainbow Innovation
Centers will be another chapter, along with Dave Mangin’s Aquaponics Rainbowing
In Rural Wisconsin(if they agree). I also hope to meet with Dublin’s Andrew Douglas for
a chapter. Amd over the years, God willing, win contributions from Sylvia Bernstein,

 Eric Maundu, Matt Ray, Rochelle Sandrin, Nancy Zook, Ken Kenworthy, Gina C.,
 David Love,  and TC Lynx. 

I am framing my work here with any eye toward collaborations that advanced the
career and quality of life possibilities of my “free professional partners ‘(fpp).
Seems to me your position equips you to consider harvesting this
effort for some academic publications and FARMation advance.

Aquaponic’s Vector Sum: Calculating Over The Years

The outputs of APS inputs

Fish and plants are NOT at this moment the key output of our Aquaponics Vector Sum(AVS).

Knowledge, skill development, “integral thinking,” social intelligence, emotional intelligence,
and I propose a kind of spiritual refinement are the most important “things” that grow here.
And don’t forget STEAM aptitudes!

And I think we have settled in on the notion of a protracted, multi-generational,
multi-disciplinary, and multi-national experimental process with many dimensions,
many unknowns, many skills and many technologies to develop and explore, with
a focus on schools and innovation centers, in hybrid networks of “free professionals.”

Here are 10 talking points I suggest for this thought experiment I am housing at
Earth Renaissance: Aquaponics Vector Sums

(l) Aquaponics requires many connected events to work.

What does it mean “to work?”

(2) There are many positive outcomes from aquaponics experiments.

What are the most compelling outcomes?

(3) Many kinds of skills and “intelligences” are required for an APS to work.

At this stage of the technology’s development, people who construct, sustain,
and develop APS must personally have above average, sometimes very much
above average biological and engineering skills to lauch a project, and very
considerable entrepreneurial and administrataive skills to help that project

to be continued

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