The are great 21st century earth renaissance possibilities through boomer millennial collaboration experiments. Ten percent of our boomers have very substantial amounts
of 4 kinds of capital to invest: green dollars, cultural(what you know), social(who you know), and spiritual(heart and will force). And millions of boomers have enough of these investment resources to make a difference if advanced to millennial micro production experiments. At least 10 percent of our millennials have enough cultural, social, and, especially, spiritual capital to warrant support from boomer investors. The available boomers no longer have family, career, or status needs to prevent some ecopreneur risks. Their millennial partners have yet to assume householder responsibilities and can often negotiate high school or college course credentials in urban greening ventures.

Milwaukee has won the attention of the nation and world as a Fresh Coast Portland through boomer millennial partnerships in urban agriculture. I am hoping this wiki platform will share some of the best of these stories.

Last edited by Tyler Schuster. Based on work by Godsil.  Page last modified on July 26, 2014

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