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State and Commerce Department’s Jon Ward Comments

Yes, there is such a program, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor visa, administered by the US Customs and Immigration Service. See A $500,000 investment that leads to 10 jobs in two years gets the investor a green card.

Several projects in Milwaukee have been completed with investments from that program, including the Global Water Center. In Milwaukee, the First Pathways Partners have brought a lot of money into Wisconsin, but there are plenty of other firms around the country that specialize in the EB-5. See

New Works’ Shajan John

This is a topic I have spent considerable amount of time free to others of course and learning for me per early requests from Bob Kraft of FirstPathway when he started this activity about five years ago. Coincidently, in the past week including this I had four discussions with people on this topic of EB-5 investor visa program. One was discussing with a contact in India that want his son to find US opportunities about investing in aquaculture in Milwaukee (with tech transfer from UWM-SFS) who has a long history of aquaculture in India.

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