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From Sweet Water To Earth Nation Eco Tours: Centering In Milwaukee Chicago

I am beginning coordinate Sweet Water/Sweet Soil Eco Tours with a number of Milwaukee Chicago, regional, national, and global trailblazers. Some kind of emerging “Earth Nation!”

Might you share some of your story so I can provide you with the most appropriate menu of tours? I will be developing this service over the seasons and years, with new partners representing different kinds of adaptation genius. You can follow this elevating menu of Earth Nation Eco Tours at

Earth Nation Eco Tours

They can range from commercial scale aquaponics and composting, to school and family digitally enhanced and connected aquaponics demos, linking up with Shanhai and Mumbai, to Chicago repurposed factories or the 2 acre Perry Avenue Farm of the Sweet Water Foundation, the Victory Garden Concordia Gardens or one of their hundreds of family victory gardens, and many more, in Chicago, Reedsberg’s Worm Farm Institute and Fermentation Fest partners, and on and on and on.

Here’s a bit of my story:—B5---James-God/an/313064-PDF-ENG

If the latter document interests you let me know.


Victory Garden Initiative Tuesday & Thursday Tours

We at VGI are almost always able to give tours. Especially on T and Th when our farmer and interns are working on the land at Concordia Gardens. You can send them our way any time!

For home garden tours, it make take a bit more planning, but certainly seems doable.

Gretchen Mead, Director
Victory Garden Initiative
This is a grassroots movement.
Move grass. Grow food.
(W) 414.431.0888
(C) 414.333.2537

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