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Earth Renaissance Holiday Gift Promos: Award Winning Martha’s Pimento Cheese

Dear All,

Holiday gifts from our ecopreneur “partners” start up peddling

Martha’s Pimento Cheese, Victory Garden’s raised bed installation, and Jesse Blom’s Sweet Water aquaponics miniatures for school and family.

Martha Davis Kipcak’s Pimento Cheese


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Martha’s Pimento Cheese took first place, the Blue Ribbon, and Martha’s Pimento Cheese with Jalapeños took second place, the Red Ribbon, in the 2013 American Cheese Society competition, featuring 1,794 products from 257 North American companies.

Perfect Small Containers At:

Riverwest Coop at Fratney and Clarke

Glorioso’s at 1011 E. Brady

Sendek’s on Oakland

Clock Shadow Creamery 138 W. Van Buren

Please share this on your facebook page. Here’s the link:

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