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“Inhabit” Interview:Eric Maundu on Turning Aquaponic Gardens into an Internet Connected Resource

This is the smallest garden Iíve ever built, [they] are actually going to be kits for schools. The idea is Iíll cut them all with CNC cutters, so kids will actually assemble them. Iím running a five-day program called ďone school one gardenĒ in the South of Market Street in San Francisco in about three weeks or so.

Each kid, basically, gets a wooden kit that I put together, and they do everything. In the five-day program: the first day I like to explain it doing computer editor design, so I sketch art, talk about design and actually design the gardens out of pieces. Then the next day, we put the garden together and start developing the biology and the chemistry. The third day, they actually build Bluetooth controlled electronic kits. I can build one of these from scratch and the kids can assemble them.

Inhabitat: How old are these kids?

ERIC: These are like preteens. Iíve had even really young kids before actually, about five or six. I just simplify the kits a little bit while I do all the complicated stuff and then show them what they need to do. But on the third day they will actually build the electronics from scratch. The fourth day they will actually do all the programming. And then on the fifth day itís sort of an option day; it might be more programming or more software or more hardware. But the whole idea is, even though I do gardening, I focus more on just software and electronics.

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Arduino Student Greenhouse Project Inspired Encounter With Maundu’s Great Work

Links To Maundu Sensors In Action

andrew douglas was one of the first smart controller customer many years ago … 2013 … release v1.3

here are some links from my current controllers v2

this is actually my new 5000 gal diy fish tank

i am raising native genetics from the local deltas - many of these were wiped away after commercially viable fish were introduced and spread from local dams. some of the data looks strange

it’s fuzzy logic controlling my grow beds

this is my office garden environment

my office garden

a garden with indexing values

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