Interview With Milwaukee “Gleaner” Felicia Hobart

Godsil. Might you share with us what it means to be a gleaner and why gleaners are important?


Felicia on a gleaning adventure this Fall.

Ken Weston is a dearlightful person! Not only did he guide us through one of the many orchards (him on a tractor), us walking behind — but he also talked to us for a long time under the “no name” apple tree about everything under the sun. I was flabbergasted to learn he is a master of mathematics and crazy physics theorums! He wove all of these ideas into our daily reality in the most interesting way. he’s full of fire too.

I learned that Ken teaches classes starting in March I believe (I will be posting these classes within the next couple of days on the website under classes). He said he and his sister are always looking for ideas – so I gave him a Glean flier, and also a copy of the “Be a Fruit Steward” series of classes held in another city that has an established gleaning project. I told Ken I want to have something similar in Milwaukee, and would he help? The fruit tree steward program I mentioned covered tree biology, winter and summer pruning, plant health, and how to care for young trees, fruit varieties, grafting, spring pests, diseases, permaculture for fruit trees, among other things. I think it would be fun to offer the series in Milwaukee with a variety of teachers. Do you know anyone that might be a willing expert on any of the topics mentioned?

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