Interview With Milwaukee “Gleaner” Felicia Hobert

Godsil: Might you share with us what it means to be a gleaner and why gleaners are important?

Glean Milwaukee recognizes the numerous, abundant fruit trees in Milwaukee and the surrounding area, in backyards or on the grounds of local institutions. We value these fruit trees as viable sources of fresh fruit each fall for local food pantries as well as for volunteers who harvest the fruit. Many of these trees produce year after year without any chemical sprays or other inputs most of the time, no one pays attention to them at all, but they keep producing abundantly.

All we have to do is notice them, harvest the fruit, and do what we can to care for them, ensuring they will remain to delight and nourish the next generation. In cases where the fruit has become wormy, we can take simple, non-chemical steps to improve the fruit quality over time. Join Glean Milwaukee as we celebrate the fresh food in our neighborhoods and engender appreciation and empowerment that we can grow our own food, just by planting a tree!

Last edited by Hobert. Based on work by Felicia and Godsil.  Page last modified on November 05, 2017

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