Mother Clara Atwater and Mandela

Mother Clara with Muneer

Keepers of the Sacred Temple

Touissant Harris, grandson of Mother Clara Atwater

Alexis of New Horizon School Hitting Home Runs

MSOE Engineering and New Horizon Students, Artists Raoul and Paul Kjeeland, Freesia, Mother Jan Christensen of “Riverwest Cudrrents,” Adam Spoerri of Rethink Factory, Dennis Lukaszewski of Extension Ag at first major First Street Renaissance MSOE and Gingerbread Land Brainstorm

Arugula As a Birthright!

DMZ “Partners” and Muneer

New “partner” Sam Odin, Whitefish Bay Farmer

Meeting Mr. Franklin, Neighbor to the First Street Garden

New Horizon Students Meet Mr. Franklin

Jesse meeting with Sister Taletha Atwater, Touissant’s Mom

Brother Gail Hegwood, Rosemon (November rose!)

Some Gingerbread Land Homes

Mr. Thompson Carptner

With Sandy Syburg of Purple Cow

Andre Lee Ellis and Jan Christensen

Janine Areseneau, Vince Bushell, and John Gerlach

Bohdan and Touissant

Kt Rusch Inside Temple

Ernie Pruitt and Bob Pavlek With the Temple Behind

Cleo Pruitt and Sister Taletha

David Flowers Joins In Porch Brainstorm

Old TawnyMon Roofer Selfie From Temple Roof on Hot Day(looks tired)

The roof

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