Precursor To Tawny Mon Industries

Announcing Tawny Mon Industries

And it came to pass
That a younge Emmanuel
Validated an Olde TawnyMon
Allured by Grace’s…Frithjof’s

New Work.

TawnyMon Industries@Earth Renaissance

Every Mon is Tawny

Authentic TawnyMon love New Work!

New Work At Old Homes: The Film

Godsil’s Milwaukee Renaissance Tours

Is taking reservations
And planning a welcome back party
With some younges and oldes.

Good food, vintage beauty, and
Godsil’s Milwaukee Renaissance Tours

TawnyMon Industries New World Celebration Rituals and Moments

The people are coming
To good food and beauty
At the Amaranth Hamlet

Memorial Day Weekend Celebration

Or naw,

What say?

Would use these civic ritualized moments

To awaken the people
To the New Work
That can be done…

At Good Bones Homes
And Amaranth Hamlets.

TawnyMon Industries 1.0

TawnyMon Start Up Promotions

From South Side Milwaukee and Chicago Outlets

Soap Box Moments At Mighty Fine Olde Homes with Lake Front and Micro Brew and Martha’s Pimento Cheese, Carolyn’s Crackers, Stephanie’s Soups, and Holly’s Songs

Or naw.

What say?


Organic Intellectuals Bourgeois Bohemian Air BnB Milwaukee and Chicago

Milwaukee, then Chicago, destinations of good food and beauty, and New Work!

Euclid House, Good Bones, Amaranth, and Gingerbread Old Home Transformations

Hoping to meet with Emmanuel Pratt, Orrin Williams, and Chantelle Brewer, who bring great resources to a Milwaukee Chicago Detroit collaboration to transform old city homes into some kind of magic through the alchemy of you and yours and us and ours.

Ben Koller and I met yesterday with Nick Gartman, engineer/scientist, aiming to explore collaborations to develop a kitchen appliance hydro or aquaponics “art installation you can eat,” a welcome addition to Ben’s vision of a front yard garden you can eat.

In Milwaukee, besides Euclid House for experimentation, there’s the Amaranth Good Bones House this year. And also some support for Gingerbread Land’s First Street Renaissance. Hoping Emmanuel Pratt’s new friend, Danny Glover, and some Milwaukee videographers, will team up to make a documentary of some of all of this. :)

Dan Healy, Carl Sandburg, “The People Yes”

Hoping to barter with Dan Healy, who brings subtle wisdom and rich experience to the New Work Great Work Transition. Dan introduced me to Carl Sandburg, who deserves our attention.

The people yes
The people will live on.
The learning and blundering people will live on.

They will be tricked and sold and again sold
And go back to the nourishing earth for rootholds,
The people so peculiar in renewal and comeback,
You can’t laugh off their capacity to take it.
The mammoth rests between his cyclonic dramas.

The people so often sleepy, weary, enigmatic,
is a vast huddle with many units saying:

“I earn my living.
I make enough to get by
and it takes all my time.
If I had more time
I could do more for myself
and maybe for others.
I could read and study
and talk things over
and find out about things.
It takes time.
I wish I had the time.”

The people is a tragic and comic two-face: hero and hoodlum:
phantom and gorilla twisting to moan with a gargoyle mouth:
“They buy me and sell me…it’s a game…sometime I’ll
break loose…”

Once having marched
Over the margins of animal necessity,
Over the grim line of sheer subsistence

Then man came
To the deeper rituals of his bones,
To the lights lighter than any bones,
To the time for thinking things over,
To the dance, the song, the story,
Or the hours given over to dreaming,
Once having so marched.

Introducing TawnyMon Industries Great Issues Series and Reading Galaxies

First on the list, Aldous Huxley’s “The Doors of Perception,” background reading for 100th birthday celebrations incorporating sacred shrooms for birthday Mon and guests over 90.

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Dreaming Father Abraham’s e-Currency

The Brilliance of India Simplifying Economic Exchange In The Knowledge Economy Society

Penny Capitalists Artists Win A Nickels For Their Thoughts

When Father Abraham gave his talk advancing an e-Rupee currency for India
I could not but envision an Indo American experiment around e-money
For the earth nation micro producers of wisdom, information, and art.

The “money” might be translated into green dollars,
Or it might be used as points in barter exchange networks.

So an artist who had established an artist residency project,
Or a master gardener with knowledge abundant for flowering yards,
A creative w enterprise renting vintage tableware for weddings,
An aquapon who crafted teacher training manuals for demos in schools…

The myriad of creatives producing goods and services
Happy to sell some of their “knowledge” to buyers across the planet
For anything as modest as a nickel, e.g. that one page essay on my start-up,
To $5 dollars, e.g. 10 or 20 minutes on the phone with a resourced inquirer,
To $100, e.g. a morning, day, or weekend workshop depending on the context…

All could profit from a system of seamless system of currency
That Father Abraham’s vision might someday manifest,
Perhaps with the help of experimenters in the USA already doing these things.

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