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Mahattil International’s New Works

“According to Mahattil president Shajan John, New Works’ mission is to train professionals, accelerate technology transfer and “transform communities” using water management technology.

To that end, New Works has developed hands-on learning courses to train water management professionals in water purification, wastewater treatment and more.”

Global Freshwater Seed Accelerator Spotlight: NEW Works

How will NEW Works accomplish this while at the Global Water Center?

“NEW Works is establishing a state-of-the-art laboratory to offer practical hands-on learning covering the entire water cycle at the Global Water Center, to be housed in the Flow Lab on the 1st floor. There are various definitions of the water cycle, for our purposes let us define the water cycle as: drawing water from source, whether it is groundwater or surface water; pumping water into storage; disinfecting/cleaning water; then pumping water up into a water tower; next distributing that water to homes and industry; collecting wastewater and storm water; transporting this combined water to a treatment plant; processing it through a wastewater treatment plant; and finally, returning it to the environment.

We are simulating that entire water cycle with 4 different systems; Water Purification, Water Supply, Wastewater Transport and Wastewater Treatment, that can work together as a complete system, but also independently from one another. Each station will be utilized in any of the 6 learning modules that we have developed encompassing the full water cycle.”

What would you like our audience to take away from this interview?

Integrating with the ecosystem here and developing relationships that can respond to the needs both domestically and around the world from a water management standpoint are what are most important to me, and I feel that having a presence at the Global Water Center will allow me to accomplish that.

Also, I am interested in collaborating or partnering with just about anyone that aligns with our mission of training people, technology transfer, and building appropriate technologies to transform communities. The key thing I’m interested in is identifying collaborators and partners to work with – we invite people to reach out to us, to pursue those opportunities. The spirit of this building invokes that idea, it’s an environment for collaboration and innovation.

Global Water Center “Think Act Tank” Brainstorm

Digital and hands on learning platform development for globally minded, next generation leadership.

Tools to credentialize competencies in emerging water, food, and sustainability industries

Engaging pedagogy for technology training

Develop conference series to spark “glocal” collaborative relationships

Fostering sustainable urgan enterprise, large and small, e.g. branding Home Gr/OWN, partner with Japanese Plant Factories, public private partnerships like Milwaukee Milorganite

Participatory design experiments

Whitewater Student bite size ideas to WWC project experiments

Not educational pipeline but “renewal and abundance”

Package world class solutions, inspire Moore and Baldwin to win Joe Biden’s attention re well trained work force model

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