Godsil and “Partners” Eco Tour Spring 2013 Experiments

I offer an hour or more intense conversation and urban ag/aquaponics story and digital info/introductions at my Alterra “office “ a few blocks from Sweet Water, followed by tours of an hour or so at the Sweet Water Robinson or off site aquaponics demos at Bradley Tech, Fernwood Montesori, the Washington Park Urban Ecology Center, La Casa Charter School, or organic urban gardens on Eastside, Riverwest, Harambe, Walnut Hill, or Madison Chicago eco tourism and urban agriculture or peri urban permaculture innovation centers. Eager to work with you and yours to accelerate the transition from bureaucratic industrial cities to participatory ecological cities. What say? Why not?

If you would like to grace some of yours with a choice from our menu of tours we have a “partner “ with a tour bus for 11.

Chicago’s Bronzeville Alliance

Dear Godsil,

We are a group of folk affiliated in some way with the Bronzeville Alliance’s Green Team and its initiatives. The Bronzeville Alliance is a coalition of community based institutions that believe more can be achieved working together than separately. Bronzeville is a neighborhood located in the Douglas and Grand Boulevard community areas on the South Side of Chicago.

Our “Milwaukee Green & Heritage Tour” is designed for us to learn more about Milwaukee’s burgeoning green economy and its cultural similarities to some Chicago’s cultural landscape. Where possible, it is our hope that participants are able to create linkages that connect to projects in their own communities. In addition to Sweet Water, we will also be visiting Growing Power, Walnut Way, and the Wisconsin Black Historical Society & Museum. And will be enjoying meal at Roots and Beans & Barley Cafe.

We are really looking forward to this!

Tour Log

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