Sarah Lloyd’s Perfect and Concise Description of Our Wisconsin ®Evolution Bringing Fighting Bob Fest To Milwaukee: A Rainbow Flow Experiment!

Fighting Bob Fest

Fighting Bob LaFollette is an important political figure in Wisconsin and nationally in the progressive movement - fighting against big money politics and undue corporate influence going back even to the late 1800s. Fighting Bob was also the only U.S. Senator to vote against entry into World War I.

Fighting Bob Fest is a festival that has gone on since 2001 - for the first many years it was held in Baraboo at the Sauk County Fairgrounds and then moved to Madison. At its height in Baraboo it could draw 8,000+ people over a day of speakers and activities. For many years the core organizers talked about the idea of taking Bob Fest on the road so this is a great opportunity!

Bernie Sanders has been a frequent speaker over the years. Here are some links to his speeches at Fighting Bob Fest.

Other speakers have included, Granny D. Haddock, Jesse Jackson, Cornel West, Keith Ellison, Greg Palast, Tom Harkin, Paul Simon, Amy Goodman, and many more.

Our Wisconsin Revolution

Our Wisconsin Revolution is a newly formed organization to work with the energy the came together around Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Presidential Primary. We are working as a member-driven, democratic organization to build political power at all levels - from school boards, town boards, county boards and all the way up the ticket. Below is our 1st organizing principle - that hopefully gives you an idea of what we are working for. The organization plans to work on voter registration, candidate training and supporting candidates that are running on a People’s Platform.

Our Wisconsin Revolution (OWR) is committed to building and advancing the political revolution initiated by the Presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders. OWR seeks to fundamentally transform, through the exercise of popular power, a system rigged by the political, social, and economic establishment, and to realize the promise of a just, equitable, sustainable, and democratic society.

Happy to provide more information.



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