Gail Fitch was one of the 2004 Cream of the Cream City Award Winners

The Cream of the Cream City Awards are presented by the Milwaukee Historic Preservation Commission in an ongoing effort to recognize individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to historic preservation through the rehabilitation of Milwaukee’s architecturally significant structures as well as through heritage education. The recipients of these awards have added value to their neighborhoods and Milwaukee by preserving the unique design and character of historically designated properties. The 2004 winners are:

Gail Fitch
Preservation Activism /Education

Gail Fitch has had a lifelong passion for church architecture and the spirituality that is conveyed by these all-important buildings. She has written about churches for Historic Milwaukee’s newsletter, ECHO, and has brought a number of obscure churches to light in her in-depth and well-researched articles. As a member of the former Friedens congregation Gail nominated the church for local historic designation and has kept that building in the public eye. Gail uses her voice and her pen to advocate for the sensitive remodeling and upkeep of our sacred building stock. She has been a regular attendee of the Historic Preservation Commission meetings and has followed the preservation process through at Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee hearings.

In her articles, Gail has also focused attention on neighborhood tours and programs that feature historic buildings as well as the activities of Historic Milwaukee Inc., with whom she has been a volunteer since 1996. Gail is also a member of the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance.

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