Good Friday, 2005



Milwaukee Youth Movement and Cultural Revolution

Dear Patrick,

I would love the work with you and your friends, young and old, to imagine ourselves capable of winning a Nobel Peace Prize for some Milwaukee group by the year 2015.

I think our work would best be conceived as “cultural.”

The “unfinished business” of the American revolution that Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King dedicated the last full measure of devotion to will best be persued as a cultural revolution.

What say?


Cultural Revolution, Gentrification Syndrome, and Small Space Architecture and Design

Dear Don and Bob,

I don’t think the “unfinished business” of the American Revolution that Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King gave the last full measure of devotion to is possible as long as our great cities are plagued with the “gentrification syndrome” and “industrial highway group think” in an era of information societies and creative working and professional classes.

I think the gentrification syndrome can be greatly diminished by combining the power of neighbors in on-line forums and the theory of small space architecture.

More urban enhances the people’s adaptation to current crises.

Small space design can make more urban more beautiful and appealing.

Please consider participating in some on-line conversations with neighborhood activists and Milwaukee citizens around this theme.

We are planning a symposia on gentrification during next year’s Human Rights Week in Milwaukee, in memory of the March 21 Sharpesville Massacre and the March 19 invasion of Iraq.

Please let your students and colleagues from around the nation know about this concept and our interest in on-line and real world work around these concepts.

God bless,


A Cultural Revolution and Movement to Address the Unfinished Business of the American Revolution.

To:,,,,,, Bill Sell <>,,,, Tess Reiss <>,, Omar Gagale <>, John Worm <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Jon Anne Willow <>,

Dear All,

There is a web site waiting for your personal and social causes and “movements.”

It is called the “Milwaukee Renaissance.” belongs to the people of Milwaukee.

There are knowledge workers happy to teach you and yours how to harness this great internet resource and many others.

Here is the key definition of the “Milwwaukee Renaissance” I propose today on Good Friday, 2005.

Milwaukee Renaissance. A Cultural Revolution and Movement to Address the Unfinished Business of the American Revolution.

What say?


Holy Saturday Invite to MIAD Seniors
Creatives of the New American Revolution

The American Cultural Revolution
to address the “unifinished business”
Of the First American Revolution

Beauty and form in our daily lives
Is of great importance for our unfinished businesses.

Ugly or drab work, live, play, commute stimuli
Damage our minds and our hearts,

There are a number of Milwaukee citizens
Creating interlocking web sites
And coming together

 with increasing 
 frequency and impact.

Meetings of minds and even hearts on line.

Please let your seniors know that about 2,000 members of the Milwaukee “Mind on Line” would enjoy reading about their work and their plans and seeing some photos on line, in anticipation of meeting up with them at the May Day Celebration at the Soldiers Home, the Sufi Poetry Nights at Timbuktu(this Tuesday 7 to 8 p.m.), the NAACP Offices at MLK, and the Rebirth of Freedom at the Soldiers Home July 11, around 5 p.m.

Why not?


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