ATCP 110.01Definitions.
ATCP 110.02Prohibited trade practices.
ATCP 110.03Building permits.
ATCP 110.04Warranties.
ATCP 110.05Home improvement contract requirements.
ATCP 110.06Preservation of buyer’s claims and defenses.
ATCP 110.07Contract cancellation; return of payments.
ATCP 110.08Contract compliance.

History: Chapter Ag 110 as it existed on May 31, 1974 was repealed and a new chapter Ag 110 was created, Register, May, 1974, No. 221, effective June 1, 1974; chapter Ag 110 was renumbered chapter ATCP 110 under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., Stats., Register, April, 1993, No. 448.

Note: This chapter is adopted under authority of s. 100.20 (2), Stats., and
is administered by the Wisconsin department of agriculture, trade and consumer
protection. Violations of this chapter may be prosecuted under s. 100.20 (6), 100.26 (3) or (6), Stats. A person who suffers a monetary loss because of a violation of this chapter may sue the violator directly under s. 100.20 (5), Stats., and
may recover twice the amount of the loss, together with costs and reasonable
attorneys fees.

ATCP 110.01
ATCP 110.01 Definitions.
ATCP 110.01(1)
One. “Buyer” means either of the following persons who is a party or prospective party to a home improvement contract:

ATCP 110.01(1)(a)
One a. The owner of residential or noncommercial property to which the home improvement contract pertains.

ATCP 110.01(1)(b)
One b. The tenant or lessee of residential or noncommercial property to which the home improvement contract pertains if the tenant or lessee is or will be obligated to make a payment under the home improvement contract.

Two. “Home improvement” means the remodeling, altering, repairing, painting, or modernizing of residential or non-commercial property, or the making of additions thereto, and includes, but is not limited to, the construction, installation, replacement, improvement or repair of driveways, sidewalks, swimming pools, terraces, patios, landscaping, fences, porches, garages, basements and basement waterproofing, fire protection devices, heating and air conditioning equipment, water softeners, heaters and purifiers, wall-to-wall carpeting or attached or inlaid floor coverings, and other changes, repairs or improvements made in or on, attached to or forming a part of the residential or non-commercial property, but does not include the
construction of a new residence. The term extends to the conversion of existing commercial structures into residential or non-commercial property.

ATCP 110.01(3)
Three. “Residential or non-commercial property” means a structure used, in whole or in part, as a home or place of residence by any natural person, whether or not a single or multi-unit structure, and that part of the lot or site on which it is situated and which is devoted to the residential use of the structure, and includes all appurtenant structures. The term extends to all other existing non-commercial structures and the immediate premises on which they are situated even though they are not used for residential purposes.

ATCP 110.01(4)
Four. “Home improvement contract” means an oral or written agreementbetween a seller and an owner or a seller and a tenant or lessee of residential or non-commercial property, or a seller and a tenant or lessee if the tenant or lessee is to be obligated for the payment of home improvements made in, to, or upon such property, and includes all agreements under which the seller is to perform labor or render services for home improvements, or furnish materials in connection therewith.

ATCP 110.01(5)
Five. “Seller” means a person engaged in the business of making or selling home improvements and includes corporations, partnerships, associations and any other form of business organization or entity, and their officers, representatives, agents and employees.

ATCP 110.01(6)
Six. “Warranty” means any warranty or guarantee made with respect to labor, services, products or materials provided under a home improvement contract. “Warranty” includes a seller’s warranty and a manufacturer’s product warranty.

ATCP 110.01 - ANNOT.
History: Cr. Register, May, 1974, No. 221, eff. 6–1−74; renum. (1) to (4) to be (2) to (5), cr. (1) and (6), Register, September, 1993, No. 453, eff. 10–1−93.

ATCP 110.02
ATCP 110.02 Prohibited trade practices. No seller shall engage in the
following unfair methods of competition or unfair trade practices:

ATCP 110.02(1)
One. MODEL HOME REPRESENTATIONS. Misrepresent or falsely state to a prospective buyer that the buyer’s residential or non-commercial property is to serve as a “model” or “advertising job”, or use any other prospective buyer lure to mislead the buyer into believing that a price reduction or other compensation will be received by reason of such representations.

ATCP 110.02(2)
implication that products or materials to be used in the home improvement:

ATCP 110.02(2)(a)
Two a. Need no periodic repainting, finishing, maintenance or other service.

ATCP 110.02(2)(b)
Two b. Are of a specific or well-known brand name, or are produced by a specific
manufacturer or exclusively distributed by the seller.

ATCP 110.02(2)©
Two c. Are of a specific size, weight, grade or quality, or possess any
other distinguishing characteristics or features.

ATCP 110.02(2)(d)
Two d. Perform certain functions or substitute for, or are equal in performance to, other products or materials.

ATCP 110.02(2)(e)
Two e. Meet or exceed municipal, state, federal, or other applicable standards or requirements.

ATCP 110.02(2)(f)
Two f. Are approved or recommended by any governmental agency, person, form or organization, or that they are the users of such products or materials.

ATCP 110.02(2)(g)
Two g. Are of sufficient size, capacity, character or nature to do the job expected
or represented.

ATCP 110.02(2)(h)
Two h. Are or will be custom-built or specially designed for the needs of the buyer.

ATCP 110.02(2)(i)
Two i. May be serviced or repaired within the buyer’s immediate trade area, or
be maintained with replacement and repair parts which are readily available.

ATCP 110.02(3)
ATCP 110.02(3)(a)
Three a. Offer or represent specific products or materials as being for sale, where the purpose or effect of the offer or representation is not to sell as represented but to bait or entice the buyer into the purchase of other or higher priced substitute products or materials.

ATCP 110.02(3)(b)
Three b. Disparage, degrade or otherwise discourage the purchase of products or materials offered or represented by the seller as being for sale, by statements or representations in conflict with other claims or representations made with respect to such products and materials, to induce the buyer to purchase other or higher priced substitute products or materials.

ATCP 110.02(3)©
Three c. Refuse to show, demonstrate or sell products or materials as advertised, offered, or represented as being for sale.

ATCP 110.02(3)(d)
Three d. Substitute products or materials for those specified in the home improvement contract, or for those which the seller represented would be used in the home improvement, without the prior consent of the buyer. If a written home improvement contract is required under s. ATCP 110.05 (1) or the buyer signs a written contract, the buyer’s consent under this paragraph shall also be in writing.

ATCP 110.02(3)(e)
Three e. Fail to have available a quantity of the advertised product sufficient to meet reasonably anticipated demands.

ATCP 110.02(3)(f)
Three f. Misrepresent that certain products or materials are unavailable or that there will be a long delay in their manufacture, delivery, service or installation in order to induce a buyer to purchase other or higher priced substitute products or materials from the seller.

ATCP 110.02(4)(a)
Four a. Deceptively gain entry into the prospective buyer’s home or onto the buyer’s property under the guise of any governmental or public utility inspection, or otherwise misrepresent that the seller has any official right, duty or authority to conduct an inspection.

ATCP 110.02(4)(b)
Four b. Misrepresent that the seller is an employee, officer or representative of a manufacturer, importer or any other person, firm or organization, or that such person, firm or organization will assume some obligation in fulfilling the terms of the contract.

ATCP 110.02(4)©
Four c.Misrepresent the status, authority or position of the sales representative in the organization he or she represents.

ATCP 110.02(4)(d)
Four d. Misrepresent that the seller is licensed, bonded or insured. If the seller represents that the seller is licensed, bonded or insured, the seller shall provide the buyer with a written statement specifically describing the type of license, bond or insurance that the seller possesses.

ATCP 110.02(5)
Five. GIFT OFFERS. Offer or advertise any gift, free item or bonus without fully disclosing the terms or conditions of the offer, including expiration date of the offer and when the gift, free item or bonus will be given, or fail to comply with the terms of such offer.

ATCP 110.02(6)
ATCP 110.02(6)(a)
Six a. Misrepresent to a prospective buyer that an introductory, confidential, close-out, going out of business, factory, wholesale, or any other special price or discount is being given, or that any other concession is made because of materials left over from another job, a market survey or test, or any other reason.

ATCP 110.02(6)(b)
Six b. Misrepresent that any person, firm or organization, whether or not connected with the seller, is especially interested in seeing that the prospective buyer gets a bargain, special price, discount or any other benefit or concession.

ATCP 110.02(6)©
Six c. Misrepresent or mislead the prospective buyer into believing that insurance or some other form of protection will be furnished to relieve the buyer from obligations under the contract if the buyer becomes ill, dies, or is unable to make payments.

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