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From: “stillpeddlin” <stephharling@hotmail.com>
To: “cmtyroof@execpc.com” <cmtyroof@execpc.com>
Subject: Re: John Schmid “Journal” Articles on “Emerging Markets” in Milwaukee

Hi Godsil,

I know a little bit of what you are asking for. Here’s some info.

Marquette University Contact for Advanced Curriculum issue: Carol
Winkel. She’s the community affairs person and knows who you would
contact about that.

Michael Porter’s publication on the Initiative for A Competitive
Inner City. Here’s the website that enables you to download the
publication. http://www.icic.org/vsm/bin/smRenderFS.php?

Also, the Helen Bader Foundation is the driver of this initiatve.
I’m sure that they will have a copy of the publication that they
might be willing to provide. Call there and ask for Kathryn Dunn.

Art Smith from Greater Milwaukee Committee: He is the CEO there.
He’s a great guy, you need no formal introductions to call him. But
is also a driving force behind ICIC. Rajan Shukla works with him at
the GMC.

For the most info on this initiative ARt Smith and Kathryn Dunn can
answer most if not all of your questions.

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<cmtyroof@e…> wrote:

> Dear All,
> Would anyone be up for an on-line conversation about John Schmid’s


> on “A Dream Derailed?” I am especially interested in the final
> piece, “Emerging Markets: A new generation of business and

civic leaders

> aims to rebuild Milwaukee’s core competitiveness”
> I have created a wiki web site for this, at


> If anyone knows any of the key people listed, I would very much


> an introduction.
> I am especially intrigued by the statement that UWM and M.U. are


> hard to spark the renewal of the “central city.” Does anyone have


> experience with any faculty doing exemplary work around the themes

of this

> article.
> In particular…
> University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Marquette University have


> urban policy experts and are contouring curriculum

into “advancement tracks.”

> Anyone know who the experts are? How about curriculum

into “advancement

> tracks?” It would be wonderful to enlist some of these experts

into our

> conversations, n’est-ce pas?
> How about a 60 page prospectus that offers advise from some advise


> Boston’s Initiative for a Competitive Inner City…Has anyone ever


> this? Can anyone get it posted for our enlightenment?
> “Experts from Boston’s Initiative for a Competitive Inner City,

founded by

> one of Harvard’s leading economic theorists, have flown to

Milwaukee to

> draft long-term strategies. Last year, they published a 60-page


> that maps out business opportunities.
> The prospectus lists four sectors that hold the most promise in


> urban core: back-office service firms to support the region’s


> financial and insurance industries; health services, which feed

off the

> city’s cluster of medical technology industries; manufacturing, a


> mainstay that still employs one in five central-city workers in

the city;

> and construction, which can capitalize on a big slate of planned
> public-works projects.”
> jschmid@j…


> * Porter, Boston’s Initiative for a Competitive Inner City
> * Anne Habiby, co-executive director in Boston for the

Initiative for a

> Competitive Inner City
> * Midcities Investment Management
> * Manpower Inc.
> * Katherine M. Hudson, former chief executive of Milwaukee-

based Brady

> Corp.
> * Rajan Shukla, program director at the initiative.
> * initiative general counsel and business development officer
> Christopher E. Ware
> * University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Marquette University


> provided urban policy experts and are contouring curriculum into
> “advancement tracks
> * Robert E. Litan, vice president for research at the Kansas


> Kauffman Foundation, launched a project in October to cultivate


> start-ups in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Jacksonville and

Kansas City.

> * State Commerce Secretary Cory L. Nettles
> * The Brookings Institution in Washington

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