March 22, 2005

Dear Tina,

It would be my honor to offer a place for your students to publish their work and conduct some on-line and real world workshops on promoting one’s career as an artist, artisan, knowledge worker, and social enterpriser.


Same day

Dear Tina,

We exhaust many people with requets of more than they can handle at the moment.

They lose face when they must say no.

We thrill them with modest requests for just a bit for the moment.

They gain spirit when they can meet up with our requests.

That good spirit will lead to more down the line.

Some people also like to let history know they were thoughtful enough to support ideas whose time had come.

In my next note I’ll send you what I think is a worthwhile request I’m making to friends of Peter Blewett who did not show but who might give $5 or raise $5 from five $1 contributions from their friends.

Small shavings of iron picke up by a magnet over time can become a mountain of iron!


At 08:55 AM 3/21/2005, you wrote:

I told one person about your idea and they got out
their checkbook and wrote a check for $25! Thanks,
Godsil :)

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