I would very much like to contract with UrbAn to promote its “Backstreet Culture Tours” during 2004 and/or beyond as a “promoter” or “agent.”

I had originally been offered $1 per ticket for introducing Jill to 1 major figure per month and for having conceived of and promoted over the past 6 months the idea of neighborhood walking tours, shared meals, and Urban film viewing. I have come to have great concern that it will take a lot more work on mine(or someone’s) part to make this a success.

If I work under a 1 year contract, I would like to be paid 20% of the price of each ticket sold, with 10% to 15% going to myself and 5% to 10% going to my assistant(s). I would very much enjoy teaming up with members of the board, their families and friends to develop a promotion team and plan that could make history and money at the same time.

If I work under a 3 year contract, I would be happy with 15% for the price of each ticket sold, with a percentage of that 15% going to the people who work with me, according to their contribution.

I would be responsible for delivering a pre-paid group of people to the tours. This does not mean there cannot be other promoters of the tours. It does not mean that people can’t show up and pay at the door. In these instances I would receive nothing, not even the $1.

My deep anxiety, however, is that without some intense and focused promotions on my part, or someone’s part, the ticket sales are not going to magically happen. I don’t plan on passively awaiting the Milwaukee Visitors and Convention Bureau to deliver us the people at the appointed corner. It is going to take an immense amount of
work to get people to uy,especially in the first few years of the program. Once the tours “catch on,” it is quite possible that the kind of hard promotions I’m anticipating won’t be required. But we are a long way from that.

I have been initiating contact with the following types of organizations: (l) Human Resource Managers of Major Corporations; (2) Executive Directors of BID’s; (3) Executive Directors of Major Non-Profits of Milwaukee; (4) Leaders of Major Spiritual Communities, e.g. Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Islamic, Jewish in Southeastern Wisconsin; (5) Executive Directors of Major Nursing Homes in S.E. Wisconsin; (6) Editor of Newspapers of S.E. Wisconsin;
(7) Proprietors of Bed & Breakfasts of Wisconsin and Chicago area. (7) Heads of major tourist or Milwaukee promoting organizations, including Mayor Norquist and whomever is elected next; Julia Taylor of GMC; Mary Denis & team at Convention & Visitors Bureau; Jeff Sherman of On Milwaukee; Dean Amhaus of Spirit of Milwaukee; Sally Peltz of Legacy Bank; Louis Fortis of the Shepherd Express; Julilly Kohler, head of 4th St. Forum; Peter Goldberg, creator of Dossier Project; Jean Eske of Milwuakee Preservation Alliance; Vince Bushel, publisher of the Riverwest Currents; Jon Anne Willow, publisher of the Vital Source; and lots more. All are enthusiastic. All promise support. None will give much support unless there is something very concrete and tangible in it for them, i.e. money! I want to be free to joint venture with other
organizations, e.g. Churches, to promote the tours. If a Church can raise money selling pizzas they can also raise money selling inclusive culture tours of Historic Milwaukee! I can see giving a Church or non-profit half of my percentage for delivering tour groups.

I am also helping organize an area-wide intern program with Professor William Holahan, Chair of the Chancellor Search Committee and Economics
Department. I hope to develop a project team of interns and associates dedicated to promoting “Heritage, Culture, & Ecology Tours” to the fraction of the 25,000,000 people a days drive from Milwauke who want more than standard tourist fair, i.e. “intellectual tourists.”
UrbAn’s project would be the major focus of this team in the first year of its operation. I am also in the concept stage with other organizations that could produce very exciting “intellectual tours” for our more cultivated kind of tourist. This includes the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance, the Riverwest Community, the Environmental Consortium, Citizens Allied for Sane Highways(CASH), unions, and the Socialist Party of Milwaukee. My overtures to these groups helps get the word out regardiing the UrbAn tours. If they sign on, it will mean
Milwaukee becomes a destination for a variety of intellectual tours, good for everyone, like a hip restaurant district drawing people via the synergy of the place.

I am an apprentice social entrepreneur, although I have organized lots and lots of events similar to the tours, e.g. the All City Gatherings. I am open to lots of conversation around these points.

The key fact for me is that we are as far along toward finding meaningful, non-teaching, money making projects for anthropologists, a long overdue development.

UrbAn’s tours have great promise, with or without me. I hope to contribute to that project from the get go. I have immense energies and social networking resources to give to the cause, including a web page,
www.MilwaukeeRenaissance.com, which I plan to use as a vehicle for selling tickets to the tours, if given the chance.

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