Marquette University Arab Heritage Month (April 4-April 29)

Dear All,

I am a black Irish restoration contractor/internet broadcaster who was a Fulbright Fellow in Tunisia, 1972 working on a doctoral dissertation on “Cultural Manipulation by the State.”

I was ridiculed for my doctoral dissertation prospectus for using concepts like “cultural imperialism” and “symbolic violence” by the colonizer against the colonized in a positivist department that thought such terms “metaphysical.” Cultural imperialism, my dissertation would have shown, is an act of “symbolic violence,” with implications of revenge and retaliation. History, methinks, has vindicated my choice of theoretical terms with quite practical implications.

I would very much enjoy meeting with members of Milwaukee’s progressive Arab community to promote Arab Heritage Month at M.U. and Arab/Christian/Jewish/Hindu/Budhist dialogue on-line and at sacred places like Milwuakee’s Soldiers Home.

As Father Mathibela Sebothoma put it at the first Human Rights Day of Milwaukee, in honor of the Sharpesville Massacre which sparked the South African Revolution, “there can be no peace in the United States until there is peace in the Middle East and Africa.”

We also welcome members of the Arab community of Milwaukee to participate in poetry readings of Rumi and Hafiz the last Tuesday of every month at Timbuktu, on Center and Booth, in Riverwest.

Finally, if you would like to learn how to create a web site on this project or an interactive web site for broader themes of Arab culture in Milwaukee, please consider learning how to use this site as a first step for one on an independent site.

I will be hosting brainstorming sessions at Bucketworks to help organizations like M.U.’s Arab Student Association harness the power of the internet for the good cause.


James J. Godsil
Internet Broadcaster
Restoration Contractor
Promoter of Artists, Knowledge Workers, and Worthy Causes

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