This site is inspired by the life of Al Montesi, tireless and inspired supporter of the arts in St. Louis, Mo.

Godsil Would Like to Partner in a Project w. Organic Arts

Hey David,

I would like to work with Organic Arts to create a project that would find artists teaching city farming, habitat repair, design, and develop skills, graphic arts, information processing, and promotions to various groups, including people in “the joint,” schools, and fee for service workshops.

This would mean, of course, that the artists would be offered some instruction in the subjects they would be teaching.

What say?

Why not?


Great Lakes Mississippi Valley Historic City and Perfect Climate Tours

I have just returned from a visit to St. Louis for the memorial and Mass for Al Montesi, one of my two favorite St. Louis U. professors. (George Wendel was my other favorite teacher).

The Lafayette Square neighborhood must be one of the most inspiring city “places” in the nation!

I would like to partner with some of you to inspire people from the Great Lakes cities to visit St. Louis during the Fall or early Spring.
But also inspire people from St. Louis to visit some of the Great Lakes cities during the Summer!

The great urban centers of the Mississippi Valley are spectacular places to spend time in, if you are a citizen of the Great Lakes cities, during the months when it starts getting pretty cold for us. Like now!

And we of the Great Lakes can help our brothers and sisters of the Mississippi Valley escape the oppressive heat of July and August. It is paradise in the Great Lakes during July and August!

I stayed in a great Bed & Breakfast on Benton Place, two houses west of Montesi’s historic home. The Lehman House.
Very, very nice. $80 a good deal.

I have worked closely with a very good Bed & Breakfast in Milwaukee, the Acanthus Inn.

Would like to brainstorm on line to come up with the best one day, two day, and three day trips from Milwaukee to St. Louis, and from St. Louis to Milwaukee.

What say?

Why not?


P.S. We are gathering stories about Al Montesi, who, in my mind, is one of the great gifts of the Jesuits to the people of St. Louis and well beyond. Montesi’s influence was enormous.

Would anyone like to set up a “wiki web site” for any of our SLUH profs?

I for one would like to honor Father Pieper , Emmett Hanick, Mr. Dietzler, Joe Schulte, Mrs. Coyle, Mr. O’Keefe, Father Campbell, and others with some stories the capture some of the gifts they offered me.

What say?


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