Bernadine Bradford

Bernadine Bradford is running for the Milwaukee School Board in the 4th District, whose approximate boundaries are 35th on the west, Humboldt on the east, Wisconsin Ave. on the south, and Concordia on the North. The communities contained in this area that I know about are Riverwest, Harambee, Brewers Hill, Halyard Park, Metcalfe Park, and United. Feel free to expand on this list.

Bernadine is having a fund raiser at Timbuktu this Wednesday night. She is an ally of Alderman Michael McGee. I am hoping she will send me an e-mail soon with her resume and her policy statements. I told her that if Vince Bushell gave her the nod, so would I. I also said I would be honored to help her use this site for a web site she can develop by herself, without having to wait for a web master to get around to it.

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