Julilly Kohler is one of my Brady Street Area Heroes. I met Julilly in 1975 when I was doing door to door leaflitting for Community Roofing. She had recently moved into a house on Hackett St. She hired me to install a new roof that December. Julilly went on to become the major spark for the renaissance of Brady St. and the lower eastside. I did a couple of roofs for her Brady St. properties, including the building that housed the first coffee shop on Brady, Brewed Awakenings. On the day after the Beans and Barley fire, June, 1993, which found my picture on the front page assumed to be the source of that fire by the media, Julilly personally delivered a contract and a 50% downpayment to my doorstep. Julilly is one of the key preservationists and progressive political leaders in town. She was, methinks, the founders of the FourthStreetForum, held at Turners Hall. She also has played a big part in Turner Hall’s restoration.

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