Note To Maggie Cheney About Big Apple Great Lakes “Partnerships”

I hope to learn and share the story of a new hero of mine, Maggie Cheney.
I discovered Maggie through a Comfoodies post in which she shared the great
news about an urban agriculture carpentry workshop she and her “partners” developed in Brooklyn, based on one of the most inspiring permaculture stories
I’ve come across. Besides her life long calling to work with people working with nature, with a focus on urban agriculture and education, Maggie’s family in Boston blazed trails since the early 1990s, developing urban farming and related education.

Maggie is a pure voice in the marriage of the LGBT community and urban permaculture and collaboration economics experiments.

​I’m hoping she might have time to give attention to some of the ​
Worm Farm-IIT-MSOE-SWF-Mycelia Culture Stand visions.

Here is Maggie’s over the top inspiring bio sketch for linked in.

I aim to share Maggie’s story with you, in hopes of “mighty collaborations”
for our adventures transitioning from an industrial to and ecological society.

Hello Food Activists and Farmers,

First, I want to thank you all for your support of EcoStation:NY in the past. EcoStation:NY has grown from one community garden into an organization that runs 5 farmers’ markets, the Bushwick Campus Farm, and next year, we will be starting a new and improved rooftop farm, Farm-In-The-Sky. After another year of growth, it is time for reflection, preparation, and most importantly – CELEBRATION! Thankfully, we have an opportunity to do just that TOMORROW evening.

This Friday, December 13th, we will be having our biggest fundraiser/community celebration - The Winter Solstice Feast. More information can be found below. While you may not be able to make the event, but there are several other ways to help tremendously, including:

- Buy raffle tickets - Check out our awesome prizes here. Please send an email to if you want your tickets to go towards a particular prize.

- Give a gift - Can’t make it? You can still make a donation via our Tickets page

- Outreach - Share our event on Facebook with all your friends!

Please know that while it is ideal that you purchase your tickets online in advance, you can still purchase tickets at the door. And as this is primarily a celebration of all the hard work we have all put in this year, no one will be turned away at the door. Please let me know if you have any questions. More details about the event can be found below.

Thanks ,

The EcoStation Team

When: Friday, December 13th, 6:30pm - VIP Pre-Party & 8:00pm-1:00am General Admission

Where: LightSpace Studios (1115 Flushing Ave. between Porter Ave. and Varick Ave., Brooklyn)


Share our event on Facebook with all your friends!

Please join us for the 2013 Winter Solstice Feast - a community celebration and fundraiser for EcoStation:NY, the umbrella organization that runs the Bushwick Farmers’ Markets, Bushwick Campus Farm and Farm-In-The-Sky. Celebrate light, life, friendship, and food with spirits paired with tastings from Brooklyn’s top chefs and community members. Revelers can expect tantalizing food and drink from restaurants like Tandem Bar and Restaurant, El Paisa Taqueria, Green Streets Salads, Pine Box Rock Shop, Northeast Kingdom, Fine & Raw Chocolate, The Sampler Bushwick, and more!

This year’s raffle will include some fabulous prizes, including a romantic boat ride for two, a Vitamix blender, and dinner at Gramercy Tavern just to name a few! Check out the start of our online raffle page HERE. Winter Solstice Feast tickets range from $20 for general admission to $100 for the special VIP party beginning at 6:30pm.

Of course, a celebratory evening wouldn’t be complete without sonic delights to jam to. Dance the night away with entertainment provided by local Brooklyn bands including Cumbiagra, a showcase of island rhythms from QuabLab Productions and a DJ later on.

Full event information and tickets ($20 - $100) available at
Join the Feast on Facebook for event updates! Can’t make it? You can still make a donation via our Tickets page.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Director of Farms & Education
Urban Agriculture Consultant
Bushwick Campus Farm & Greenhouse
BushwickCampusF on Twitter
(917) 864 6198

Note to Student Entrepreneurs To Globally Wiki Urban Ag

To SEED’s Rechung

I have been advancing the wiki empowerment of urban agriculture since becoming Will Allen of Growing Power’s “wiki man” through the Milwaukee Renaissance. This led to my cofounding Sweet Water Organics and the Sweet Water Foundation and my recent “partnership” with Dr. Subra Mukherjee of the Indo American Aquaponics Institute, and Irving Steel and the Earth Renaissance Wiki experiment.

I would very much like to discuss with you and your SEED members an experiment to widen the wiki empowerment of urban agriculture to the entire globel, starting with collaborations connecting the USA, China, and India.

Here are some links to my work.

State Department Article On My American Speakers India Tour Sharing Aquaponics Visions

Harvard Business School Coverage of Sweet Water Universe Work

LISC Mandi Navigator Award Video Clip

Indo American Aquaponics Institute

With Big WIll(I’m in green)

My life has been shaped by experience in civil rights movement, including OpenHousing Marches Chicago Freedom Summer 1966. In the picture below, capturing the stoning of Dr. King, I am a “field marshall” pictured directly behind Dr. King, looking for people with guns.

With Jimmy Carter donating a Habitat Roof

At IBM Sweet Water Award Ceremony for Smart Cities Designation of Milwaukee

Here’s Irving’s Earth Renaissance platform

Hoping for mighty collaborations!

EcoLogical City Tours and Farm Camps For Home Schooled Community

Will be working with this community and various mentors of Milwaukee’s
“Earth Renaissance” to create these.

Earth Renaissance Tools and Die

Earth Renaissance Tools and Die

Would you like to “ecopreneur” with me to harness the power of the internet and the makerspace movement to advance 5 in 5 10 or 20, i.e. 5% of the world’s schools with integral aquaponics vermiculture demos in 5, 20, or 20 years?

My father was a tool and die maker. Our “die” are digital algorithms our local experiments inspire. Our tools will be fabrication workshops creating classroom digital printing of small, digitally enhanced aquaponic and vermiculture food growing systems.

I would organize my part of this work through a local, regional, national, and global network I’m provisionally calling the Earth Renaissance Net. The “net” comes from my inspiration at the moment 4 billion or more years back, I’m told, when the partner elements of life’s first cells somehow orchestrated the emergence of “molecular nets” that first captured photons. Is this true?

Would you like to “Little Red Hen” with me to explore the merit of using wiki collaboration platforms for 5 in 5 10 or 20?

I would like to open source our on-line exchange around this, and open source it for eBook production, sales, and harvesting, along with 100 other “partners.”

Here is where I would store our work.

Here is the larger wiki universe that has grown the Earth Renaissance
wiki experiment.

Click on and scroll down the front page stories for a 5 minute scan, noticing my work uploading urban ag and Sweet Water projects, and Patricia Obletz’s sharing news about MICAH, various mental health info, and news for the progressives of the poltical arena. I would like to do a front page story about your Sweet Water work.

Then spend some time checking out the side bar worlds. Mothers Against Gun Violence and Peace of Mind are of great importance in Milwaukee, Please check them out and share your thoughts. Notice the Earth Renaissance platform near the top where I would like to share your work.

Earth Renaissance Promotions Work

The Earth Renaissance “Ecopreneurs” will likely pattern work along the lines developed over the generations by historic home and building restoration artisans. Each project is a world unto itself, with different resource contributors coming together for a “gig,” creating the “product,” stewarding the “punch list,” and sharing in the harvest.

Sharing the Harvest

Percentages of the total job go to the following worker teams

  • Marketing and Office
  • Contracting and Job Supervising
  • Artisinal


P.S. I will be storing much of my Earth Renaissance work here:

Can provide you with wiki instruction moments if you need them.

Wiki, Permaculture, and MakerSpace Our Way To Some Kind of Earth Renaissance

I have been exploring the power of “wiki” since around 2005, through an “online magazine and movement resource” called The Milwaukee Renaissance. Here is a nice story about it:

Here’s a nice testimonial about its impact re Will Allen’s ascendancy:

It is my pleasure to acknowledge the far-reaching impact that the Milwaukee Renaissance website has had in widening the circle of support and affection for the good food revolution in general, and for Will Allen’s Growing Power in particular. For many years, Growing Power was considered one of Milwaukee’s best kept secrets. The work done at GP was always visionary, inclusive, fundamental, and directed toward social change through access to healthy food, and through food justice for all. It was done quietly, with little fanfare or attention for many years. Although that changed dramatically when Will Allen received the MacArthur genius award, the change had actually begun earlier. James Godsil signed on as a passionate member of the board of Growing Power, and made it his mission to help put Growing Power on the map. Among other things, he harnessed the emerging power of the internet to create front page stories about Growing Power on his Milwaukee Renaissance website, focusing on the work done there with staff and volunteers, and on the good food movement, encouraging people near and far to tour the facility and learn about the transformative power of worms, of growing good soil, of supporting the next generation of farmers, of appreciating the bounty that comes from seedlings planted in nutrient rich soil, tended to carefully from the time the little plantlets are placed in containers until they become ready for harvest, of the self contained aquaculture system that nourishes fish and plants in an exquisite cycle…in short, the website became a place to tell the story of Growing Power and its vision to an ever widening audience.

Here’s a platform for Shanghai American Irving Steel, with whom we’ve been exploring cross national partnering possibilities:

I hope you might try out a wiki world for your rounds!

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