Citizens for a New City
An Invitation

From Peacewood, a treehouse in the snowy woods above the lake

Dear Fellow Citizens,

No longer will the Concept Proposal for the Pabst Property be June Eastvold’s alone. Since its launching at Bucketworks small dialogue core groups are forming to develop detailed working descriptions of how the various parts of the proposal can work. separately and together. Contact Niedra North ( to be connected to the group of your choice.

We needed a name to identify ourselves. Unless there is serious objection, we will be known as CITIZENS FOR THE NEW CITY (CNC)

As Mike Mervis,( local representative for Joseph Zilber) promised, there is now a website inviting ideas from throughout the city and beyond to help shape the design for the Pabst property. Submitted ideas will be reviewed and considered for incorporation into Mr. Zilber’s final presentation to the City of Milwaukee for approval. Time is of the essence.

The next meeting of Citizens for the New City (CNC) will be on Tuesday evening, January 10th at 6:30 pm, at the City of Milwaukee Housing Authority Community Building, 6th and Reservoir. At that meeting a facilitator will work with us to process what you, the “think tank” core groups present and help us collaborate on what we the CNC can offer collectively.

There are partners that weren’t present at the initial gathering. Please decide who wasn’t there that should have been and make a point of inviting them to link on to your core group (Public Forum, Multi-Weave Industry, Public Works/Training, Organic Foods/Community Gardens etc. Please refer to full concept proposal and your prior email regarding core groups) and/or attend the January 10th meeting.

Thanks to Barbara Leigh for reserving space for January 10th at the Housing Authority Community Building. Thanks to Niedra North’s willingness to help organize the core groups. Thanks again to Mary Ann Ihm for the refreshments we enjoyed at our first meeting. Thanks to Abe Caceres for helping us at the piano to “Keep Our Eyes on the Prize. Hang On!” Thanks to James Carlson for hosting us. Thanks to Godsil for his unending belief that things will work.

We can do this! It is a labor of love. Come, all you lovers of the Great City by the Great Lake, let’s take the plunge. Let’s make love.

June Eastvold List for Citizens for a New City: From Peacewood, a treehouse in the snowy woods above the lake

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