Dear Fellow Citizens,

This week I had to pick up my husband, Tom Schmitt at City Hall. I used
Market St(east side of City Hall). The street has parallel parking on the
west side of the street and angle parking on the east side of the treet. All of the angle parking has been designated for regular vehicles and the parallel parking has been designated for handicap access. This is the complete opposite of what it should be.

A passenger with a wheelchair has nowhere to get out of the car. The only way is to pull out into the middle of the street so there is enough room to open the door away from the curb and place the wheelchair next to the car. Angle parking allows room to access the car or van without being in the middle of the street.

This is similar to Victoria’s problem at the State Office Building with construction. It’s dangerous when things are not set up properly. Not to mention extremely frustrating.

If anyone knows who makes these design decisions please let us know. I
will try to find out this week. Thank you.

Denise Schmitt

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